Matteo returns, not that of the Gospels but of “Soqquadro”

The new mini EP is called “Soqquadro” and also one of the 3 tracks that are part of it.
Matteo is a light and sophisticated singer-songwriter at the same time.
He comes after the 2020 EP “Sono già stato qui” and when he comes back, it’s never banal.

📝 The beat of the song is enthralling and danceable, a “very light music” that accompanies a bitter and disillusioned text. Our world is so disoriented and confused that seeing it backwards it would seem almost orderly. The only way out is the lightheartedness of an evening among the people, with beautiful music at deafening volume. Not to think about the pandemic that does not stop, the war, climate change.

✍️ Going to discover the b-sides of the single, you come across the beautiful “L’attimo prima”, a philosophical reflection between Cure and Battisti-Panella, and the bitter “Tra realtà e reality”, an electro-rock piece on the conditioning of which we are subjected to since birth.

Soqquadro is a work to be listened to carefully, it embraces many themes in just 3 songs, always in balance between “committed song” and “poetic song”, never losing the elegance for which we have already appreciated Matteo in previous works.
Article by AlQuadro