“Stella cadente”a new single for Massimiliano Balocchi!

“Stella cadente”a new single for Massimiliano Balocchi!

After “Un estate da viver” and “Colpi di vento”, the Roman artist closes 2021 with a new song entitled “Stella cadente”.
We remain symbolically close to Christmas and comet time.
An arrangement well built on the artist’s voice, a modern sound and certainly even more satisfying than the previous songs.
A song that we can not define “seasonal”, which is usually done when it is published: follow the time of year in which we are. A story that makes us travel from winter to Christmas, passing through the summer. Shooting stars are always there even if they are only visible in August.

He himself is the author as well as co-arranger together with Nicola Di Gia.

What the author tells us to make us better understand his creation: “the song was born during a gloomy day (like the cover), and I was inspired by an illusion … A love born in summer and then vanished like a star falling “

It is the first song followed also by a video. For the occasion, a video-lyrics created for the artist by help-music.
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