Hyper delicate composer ‘Samplehound’ from London made a heart-warming piano track ‘Rebuilding’ that can be listened the November 26th in Formula Indie

Hyper delicate composer ‘Samplehound’ from London made a heart-warming track ‘Rebuilding’ that can be listened the November 26th in Formula Indie

About Rebuilding
The new Samplehound single Rebuilding is being released on Friday 8th October. It’s a gentle,
classical-style piano piece, and it will be included in the Samplehound album ‘A Good Man’,
composed and produced by U.K. musician Rich Townsend, and due for release in the new year.
Rich says ‘I wrote this piece after we suffered a flood. When we had finished the initial
cleanup, we were faced with the task of making things right again. It can be a hard, stressful
and sometimes painful process, but there is also something hopeful and positive in it. It would
be great if this piece gave some encouragement to other people going through something
similar after flood or fire, or any other disaster’.
The piece was put together in Rich’s own studio.
About Samplehound
Samplehound is a project set up by UK musician and composer Rich Townsend. Retired from a
career in the commercial world, Rich, 60, now has the time and energy to develop his music,
which he has been writing over many years. He is aiming to release independently a total of
16 albums of new, high-quality music between 2020 and the end of 2024. Six albums are
already released, with another two ready to be released before the end of the year.
Rich’s main inspirations for writing are people who have been important to him, and the
beauty of the natural world.
Rich works with synthesisers and samplers to create music with the aim of making people feel
good, something that is important in these difficult times. Rich uses elements from jazz, rock
and classical music to create electronic music with strong melodies, beautiful harmonies and
powerful dynamics. He creates acoustic and ambient pieces too, some of which are folkoriented, others based on classical music or jazz. Some Samplehound albums will mix
electronic and acoustic elements together; others will be purely acoustic. Some will be
energising and uplifting, others relaxing and restful.
Rich plays jazz piano in London big band King Groovy and the Hornstars. He lives with his
partner and their dog in south-east England. He is a big fan of Chick Corea, Mike Stern, Pat
Metheny, Lyle Mays, Bill Bruford, Eliane Elias, Donald Fagen, Peter Gabriel, Muse, Stevie
Wonder and Michel Camilo. He is also influenced by the original generation of prog bands
such as Genesis, Camel and Rush.