Catalan Singing ‘Robin Secret’ debut in Formula Indie on 19th October

For the first time in the Formula Indie a catalan song will be broadcasted!

The credit for letting us discover this fascinating language goes to the Barcelona group of ‘Robin Secret’

The first song to be broadcasted is ALÇANT EL VOL, the first of the album ‘Somiant un altre cel’

Who is Robin Secret?

In the late summer of 2016, and after many years traveling around the world, Robin decided to leave Scottish soil to move to a slightly warmer country… and landed in Barcelona!
This robin is a very special bird that has the great virtue of listening to and observing everything that happens around it. Called for their melodies he brought Georgina, David, Sarai, Joan and Giuseppe together to create this music group! At the beginning of 2018 he brought us a great secret that we can already reveal, Martí has ​​joined the keyboards!
Robin is able to remember all the sounds, melodies and magical stories that have been found all over the world, and accompanies us on this adventure. To the members of the group he recommends songs that he has been listening to: he teaches us the chords, the melody, he tells us the lyrics and the meaning that each song expresses… and he encourages us to create our own stories!
In 2018, presenting our first song of our own with the title ‘Stay with me’, we managed to win the popular prize of the Salitja Song Contest 2018.
Already in 2019 we continue to submit to competitions, winning the first prize at Progrés’Talent and the third prize at Inèdit Llambilles by presenting the two own songs ‘By your side’ and ‘Let me know’
We have just presented our first studio album “Dreaming Another Sky” which was released on August 20, 2021.