Introducing ‘Moral DK’ new powerful rock talented band from California with ‘House of the Rising Sun’

Moral DK is:

Ric Alba – Bass and vocals

Rob Gallas – Lead Vocals

Gym Nicholson – Guitar and vocals

Gary Olson – Drums and vocals

Jeff Sheets – Keyboards





Moral DK is a powerful American rock band out of Southern California. Their sound is a collaboration of each member’s creativity to form a recognizable but unique sound which combines their influences from rock, punk, goth, and soul; all with a pop sensibility. These elements can be heard in their first single; a remake of the popular classic, House of The Rising Sun, which is in the midst of an overwhelming reception since its launch on Sept 10th, 2021. 

Comments and feedback on House of the Rising Sun:

Ed Steinfeld, morning DJ from Morning’s With Ed at 104.7 KX FM

“Moral DK’s version of House of the Rising Sun is smokin’ hot! A unique and powerful rendition like no other.”

Rey C, DJ from “Not So Early Show” at Local Music Experience

“I freakin’ love, love, love what you did to this song!!! I have a new fave!!!! This will definitely be on regular rotation!”

Martin DeBourge – Vocal Instructor

“Whoa!! I have to admit, I wasn’t excited about listening to it because it I think the song is overdone, BUT….. I’m so glad I did! My new favorite version now. Moral DK slayed it!”

Hellmut Wolf, Owner of Wolf Entertainment

“Massive rendition of the song.”

Moral DK’s rendition of the song shares basic elements of the original while recreating an anthem with an alternate arrangement and vitality. Brilliantly produced by Michael Pritzl, MDK turns the song on its head and makes it their own. The song intro starts with Sheets playing his ethereal keys and Nicholson’s picking that familiar chord progression on guitar. Rob Gallas joins in with a soulful vocal performance which starts out elegant & whispery before moving into an all-out gritty, powerful rock baritone as Gary Olson’s frenzied drumming and Ric Alba’s melodic, driving bass kick the song into high gear. Gym Nicholson’s guitar is featured throughout the song, opening the tune with a melodic original guitar riff which leads a rock-solid rhythm performance. The song evolves throughout. Gallas’ vocal is fully committed to the lyrics as he is “immersed in lies and misery” and leaves the listener convinced that he’s one of the ruined. Olson’s drumming blazes through the song, hunkering down during the guitar lead into a massive half beat time, and kicking back into full tempo while Alba’s bass is glued to the drums, supporting with ease. Nicholson’s guitar sears through the third verse with blistering emotional presence, lifting the song up and leading to its epic outro. The end of the tune is a wonderful surprise offering something fresh and original. All members collectively singing together in harmony as Sheets delicately plays the final notes on his piano, leaving the listener with that familiar haunting melody. 

With 21 albums released between them with their former bands, the members of Moral DK are no strangers to the music world. Moral DK’s original songbook is vast with hook-laden gems that are both signature and melodic with a sound that makes them recognizably MDK. Moral DK is best known for their high energy and dynamic live performances, igniting the crowd in any concert venue and ensuring an extraordinary and exhilarating musical experience.

Moral DK is currently wrapping up their next album with a targeted release for spring of 2022. Fans can be assured the album will be loaded with high energy, emotionally charged, melodic driven originals. Moral DK is excited to get out and support the new release once completed.