Here is the debut song by Flavhia Ferrari “Sogni di altri”

The thing that strikes me most about this piece is certainly the artist’s voice, with lots of room for growth. A particular timbre that enters your head and thanks to the mood that can be labeled as POP indie with hints of the modern R&B of the song, it immediately opens you up to a thrill and emotion that in music is a fundamental ingredient that should never be missing.

“Sogni di altri” is the story of two lovers who at some point have to make a decision that is never in agreement. There are those who want more, there are those who do not want to take full responsibility. Sometimes we create expectations that are only the result of a simple illusion giving more importance to the life of others instead of ours, to those dreams of others of which we should not have responsibility but maybe just be part of it.

The song was written by Alexandra Gamberale in art (MITUMME) and produced by Andrea Allocca and Francesco Procacci with the collaboration of the record label KATE RECORDS


Flavhia Ferrari, born in 1980, is of Neapolitan origin. She fell in love with music at the age of 6 when she started playing the piano. In the following years she studied with passion and dedication at Milena Setola’s Music Art Academy and decided to make music her life. You start with Soul, R & B and then Techno. He participates in numerous festivals including Fuori la voce, Mia Martini Award, Diamond Lab. He has spent many years in the ranks with Live music first in Italy, then in Germany and England where he has the opportunity to participate in the Meltdown Festival and Oktober Fest Music. She returned to Italy and she settled in Rome first dedicating herself to the Musical and now to her project of unpublished songs.