HeIsTheArtist Delivers Smooth And Buttery Vocals On “Childish”

HeIstheArtist is a genre-bending New York musician who is set to make
his own mark with his latest single “Childish.” Featured on his latest
project, The Book of Mary, HeIstheArtist fuses his Christian upbringing
with his African roots for a gospel-dancehall record that certainly
stands out among both genres. The instrumental is as woozy as they come,
with electric percussive elements and a riddim that carries the message
of salvation along. His past as a neo-soul artist helps is evident, with
his smooth, buttery vocals carrying along the notes as the beat accents
his every note. HeIstheArtist is certainly one of New York’s brighter
underground singer-songwriters, and “Childish” is just another piece of

Colton Devonshire