I feel the funk coming over me is the new long-awaited single by Roby Margherita, an experienced artist with a strong emotional impact, capable of ranging from highly festive songs (disco) like this one, to decidedly more intimate songs without losing their polish. The song as we listen to it today on the main digital stores is a very accurate re-edition by producer Clemmy Della Rocca that gives an EDM touch and a “lacquer” to the vocal mood of the excellent work already done by Roby Margherita: the song has already been released and successfully promoted in 2011 in the EP “Join my party and move your body” with a decidedly more purely funky but no less fun look.
Also in this version the epic bass line remains the backbone around which the artist’s vocality ranges from the chest voice to his characteristic falsetto. It is interesting to note two things: the first is the confirmation of a certain club atmosphere that gives warmth and that extra touch, and second, how it has bypassed with a certain ease the discomusic issue which is an evergreen but which often risks being an aping of the good old days; in this case, as in the previous version, the structure of the piece is modern, pop (which makes it easy to catch on) and the sounds well balanced to give the right boost on the dance floor. “
I feel the funk coming over me “is accompanied by a nice video lyrics that follows well the fast and colorful atmosphere that you should trust if you are sedentary like myself: yes, because if you don’t throw yourself into the fray you only enjoy halfway !
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