The plus3nine push us straight into the summer of 2021 with this new single, which with its style of good classic rock, contrasts with the usual summer hits: Rosario Tessa voice and guitar, Giuseppe Capuano on drums and bassist Marcello Cavuoto present “Estate “. To be honest, the song immediately conquers also for that guitar sound that refers a lot to the 90s scene, which however fits into a sound context that manages to remain current and personal; the text, it is important to specify it, has no conceptual pretensions, but the song is a declared hymn to women, to the female figure who still does not fully find her merits. It is my opinion, but it is nice when an artistic project also leaves the listener free to find what they believe best in a song, and it is the intent of Plus3nine, to underline how important personal freedom is and summer it is a bit of a metaphor: it is a season in which a bit of everything awakens and a bit of anything can happen. The video is a nice lyric that perfectly describes the joy of a moment at the sea, of a smiling soul and finally free from its oppressions: the sea actually has this effect, it gives a sense of freedom. But without too much philosophizing, “Estate” has a romantic aftertaste, true, but it also has a nice rhythmic shot that chases away any melancholy of the case. Let’s take into account that Plus3nine’s rock is “evanescence, abstractness and psychedelia”, in short, not really sun, heart and love, and they are a band that has experience that has been wallowing in rock for years, it’s their habitat: they certainly couldn’t disappoint!