Euro Indie Music Chart – Week 37.19 / At the first place the young talent ‘Gaia Bianco’ from Avellino

The Euro Indie Music Chart is back this week, the ranking of the most listened to and loved indie music in Europe, in collaboration with Musik and Film Records (USA), Omni Media Group (USA), European Indie Music Network (UK), MEI -Sangiorgi (IT), AudioCoop (IT) Vittek Records (IT), LFD Press (IT), Tibo TV (AL)   This week we find Gaia Bianco in first place with Senza regole followed by Tiger Dek with Uomo Tana and Greye with What if i    

The ranking is based on radio broadcasts affiliated to the European Indie Music Network and to the satisfaction of the public, in fact, through this link ( you can vote for your favorite song, among those in the list or among those to your liking.   NOTE: Votes in which both the name of the band (or artist) and the name of the song are reported will be considered valid votes. Incomplete votes will be considered NULLI. The songs that will result in the Top 20 of the ranking drawn up on the third Thursday of the month will be re-transmitted again throughout the following month. In the calculation the passages transmitted and the votes in the last 5 weeks are considered but there is an additional weight to give more emphasis to those transmitted more recently. The value of this weight is calculated as follows: x1, x 0.8, x 0.6, x 0.4, x 0.2

1Gaia Bianco – Senza Regole1206,4
2Tiger Dek – Uomo Tana1064,8
3Greye – What If i922,8
4Patrik Remann Feat. Loleatta Hollowey – Ride On Time (Fadi Awad’s Remix)869,8
5Damoyee Janai – Independent819,2
6Allocai – Cloud 9818
7Rhett May – Cocktails and Cannabis813,6
8Osea Codega – Make me feel811,6
9Sherman De Vries – Pretty Cry782
10Rhett May-Kiss Your Mama With That Mouth781,4
11Juewett. Bostick-Sound & Rhythm – Prelude758,2
12Davie Simmons – Halcyon Days706
13Carina T – Inside Your Mind704,8
14Cafè Noir – What I do and who I am695,4
15Mr.Flamboyant Featuring Johnboy and Ebony Camille – Lane680,6
16LIFE-WORK – Dolce Far Niente (pete hammond remix)678,2
17Ace Diamond – Get Your Boogie Woogie Workin671,2
18Freedem – Honey Smoke640,6
19AV Super Sunshine – Are You Happy (radio mix)604,8
20Robert Starks & The Diamondtones Danceband – Text – MEE – Baby588,4
21CEEM-Better Than That587,2
22SpaceWind – Now & Forever582,8
23My Luv Notes – Snake Charmer568,8
24Angelo Seretti – Fuga dal pianeta Terra564,2
25My Luv Notes – Day Late548,4
26Christopher The Grey – I Am Sorry537,8
27A&L – So Sorry534,6
28SydneyDanger – Detroit532
29Ked Rocker – Legendary523,4
30Still G & Slapy – Endless520,4
31Tom Proctor and Stephen Wrench – Born To Ride513,2
32Chinie – Bless My Day510,2
33Mats Ronander & The Dusty Runners – Would You506,2
34DawGone Davis – I Will Still Love You486,6
35Lucky Ezy-Tease486
36The Dream Logic – If You Were Me485,8
37The Prairie Dogz – Redneck As you481,2
38XIXI – If You Only Knew472,4
39Mario Ferrini feat. Frik n Chic & Nathan Brumley – Missing You462
40Jørg – Good bye good old World446,2
41NUNE – The Mess439
42David J with Asia Argento & Anton Newcombe – Migena and The Frozen Roses436,2
43La Shanna – Di me388
44Boa – Those Who354,8
45Phaze II – In The Pocket346
46Mack Holland – Are You Ready334,4
47Scarlett Deva – Star Kush – In Da Couch332,2
48Sophia – Tra le dita322
49Osea Codega – Flyin293
50Jennie J – Movin On291,2
51Dendjuk – Gradi Fahrenheit (Prod. Irod)288,4
52Mati Lyons- Practice 4 Me285,4
53Tom Proctor – Son of an Outlaw285,4
54Donatello Ciullo – For your love284,4
55Fabio Salvi – Goldfish284
56Unit of Elite – Like the fiancee277,2
57Mad Duck band – Tyger275,2
58Taylor Diy – One Time274,6
59Donatello Ciullo – Love supreme274,2
60DawGone Davis – Let It Be Us272,8
61Koblack-I Love Sosua (Dominican Republic)270
63Pale Lady – Fear The Fun265,4
64Todd Barrow – Outlaw In Me259,6
65Emanuele Picozzi – Sento solo il vento253,6
66GarT – Die Welt liegt zu Füßen252
67Donatello Ciullo – Girotondo248,8
68Stephen Wrench – Time To Break All The Rules247,8
69Allocai – Be My Main238,4
70Lorenzo Gabanizza – I Am Wrong218,2
71Betty Rose – Dove sono io sei tu209,6
72Frère Sourire – Niemand houdt me tegen205
73Szandra Mayer – Summertime is Here205
74Ivan Bentivoglio – Una canzone che parla di te195,2
75Fabio Salvi – L’amore è nascosto189,2
76AVA – Ava188,2
77Gedrizz feat Mary Blue – La senzatetto187,6
78S Sponji Living – I Love You (Remix)184
79Mike P.Fitzpatrick – Over there feat Gosh Da Reel181,6
80Randolph Bush – Drop it low177,6
81Betty Rose – Strega177
82Mike Warren – The Bad Road171,4
83Klem C – i wanna be free168,2
84Jessica Verve – Arriverà166,6
85Giampix – Se credo che160,8
86Marco V+ – Bumba Bumba + Da Ribumba159
87Natalie Jean – Red Room Remix154,6
88Ekira – Daniele151,6
89Boskovic – Remember148,2
90Septimius The Great – Can I Touch You146,2
91Neena Goh – Perfect144
92Cioffo – Ginevra142,6
93Fabio Salvi – Walls In People’s Minds137,4
94FaB – This Is Love136,8
95Jaleel Young – Personal Issues136,4
96Anny – Bianco e Nero135,6
97Brian Iannucci – Down South131
98Ahri Arianna Vitale – E poi arrivi tu129,8
99Øksendal – Starstruck127,2
100Giampix – La meta125,6
101Demien – Via120,2
102Justin Faye – Bree Tree120,2
103Kristen Karma – Try118,4
104Carina T – Too Real116,8
105Bone Nest – HiLikeMe114,4
106Bone Nest – Onfire111,6
107Carlos Morgan- Have a Little Faith107
108Leona Williams and Richard Lynch – Another Honky Tonk Song104,2
109Brady Novotny – Passions Collide103
110Underdose – Lasciamoci presto102,4
111Jaleel Young – Sasha101,6
112Bone Nest – Wishingwell100,8
113Chiara Massimo – Non era la mia trama99,8
114Piermatteo Carattoni – Prove di Volo99,8
115Gabriel – Nada98,4
116John Vento – Humble Way97,2
117Tony Riggi & The Knights Templar – Everybody’s Changing96,8
118Te Quiero Euridice – I miei polsi96
119Marco Evangelista feat. Barbara Baldaccini – Summertime94,4
120Normuss – Downlow ft Lowkey93,4
121Bob Balera – Ogni domenica (Cittadella version)92
122Francis McVan Project – Someone said92
123Gary Burk III – You Got Me92
124Justin Faye – Get the kick92
125Adriano Cassara – Urlare al tempo91,2
126Ahri Arianna Vitale – Immagino90,8
127Heather Fay – The One90,4
128Bone Nest – Relightmyheart ft. Maria Victoria89,2
1292hurt – Crucify Me88,2
130Rhyme – Tutto bene88,2
131The Red-Sik – 55588,2
132Wanda Monet – Breakthrough87,8
133Giulia — The Italian Pianogirl – Shallow (Piano Version)87,2
134Jack Frusciante è rientrato nel gruppo – In fuga da Camera Tua87,2
135Settore Giada – Nero82,8
136Andrea Pace – Brucia forte la fiamma82
137Ahri Arianna Vitale – Bastava poco81,6
138William Wilson – Lights out81,6
139Alessio D. – Basta81,4
140Samuele – Uno più uno81
141Øksendal – Stay For Dinner80,8
142Donna Zed – Surrounding Me80,6
143Federico Feltrin – Granata80,6
144John Dellroy Band – Burning Desire79,8
145Samuel Holkins – Ciao étè79,8
146Tupi Runo – Magi78,4
147Pappa – Un pezzo dei Lunapop78,2
148Traindeville – Monsters78
149Justin Faye – Diamond in the Mud78
150Ace Diamond – Bad-Ass Hillbilly Band77,6
151Jack Frusciante è rientrato nel gruppo – Nuvola76,8
152Rey Avalon – Came to party76,8
153Øksendal – The Sun76,6
154Sophia Marchese – Facci caso75,4
155Damiano – Lei ti sta cercando74,6
156Francisco Buselli – No soy un Mendigo73,6
157Donna Zed – Say it all72,4
158Stefano Bertozzi – Malaga72,4
159The Sphinx – Attacco di panico72,4
160Traindeville – Caffè Fortuna72
161Øksendal – Like a Drum71,4
162Stefano Bertozzi – Work work70,6
163The Funny Farm – Erasmus70,6
164Ugolatalp – Slowly70
165Donatello Ciullo – Lacrime e sudore69,8
166Luca Benevelli – Storie comuni69,8
167Vinz Milani – Baby69,8
168Charlie Pass-Berlin Tourist Remix69,4
169Davide Tonello – I sogni non tuoi69,4
170Luis – Baila Conmigo69,2
171Marcello Ma – Cheyenne69,2
172Marcocram DJ feat. Sabrina Talini – Paris69,2
173Alibi – Visione69
174Arizona Dogs – Post69
175Alfonso Oliver – L’universo siamo noi68,8
176ExNovo – Che ti aspetti68,4
177Alessandro Fantino – There’s A Way68,2
178Alessio Ivan – Freddissima anima68
179Jack Frusciante è rientrato nel gruppo – La Grande Bellezza68
180Marck Ilary – Primera vez68
181Vertigini Acustiche – Cane particolare68
182Cau Porta – Grow67,8
183Gedrizz – Ribelle67,6
184Normuss – 80s Baby67,6
185Piet Louter – Broken Life67,4
186Monsieur Job – Busque Mal67,2
187Marco Martellini & L’espatrio – Come da bambino66,8
188Radice Kubica – Dimensione 4266,6
189Shoggy Tosh feat Annette Bee, Massin & Boris One Spitter – Pamoto Remix66,6
190Arminante Innocenzo – Prenderò il tuo posto ( Crazy robot remix)66
191Ashley Puckett – Medicine66
192Francis Salina – La Cumparsita65,8
193Ivar – How you made them feel65,2
194Piet Louter – On The Go, Again64,8
195Metrica – Calici64,6
196Gio – Questo Amore Non C’è64,4
197Annette Bee – Keep it Like It63
198Flamexia – Lullaby63
199Mia Kylie Ditta- Try62,6
200Donna Zed – At the end of the day62,4
201El Malo – Piccoli desideri62,4
202Luigi Bifone – Modella61,8
203Camelia -Ritrovarsi61,4
204Joecy Tee – Jekanmo61,4
205Rosangela Giannuzzi – Sto bene senza vederti61
206Under the Snow – Amazing Sun61
207Vinylika – Anice60,6
208Walter Coni e gli Idea – Dimmi di te60,2
209Massimo Ferrari – Se non ami59,8
210Christian Palladino – Trema59,8
211Filippo Lombardelli – Un cielo senza te59,8
212Traindeville – La Mia Strada59,8
213Antonio Zavatti – Claudia59,8
214Bill Abernathy – Changes59,8
215Øksendal – Candid Eyes59,6
216Aldo Di Gennaro – No way back58,6
217The Funny Farm – Sahara58,2
218The Sphinx – Tempo di Planck58,2
219Giulia Ventisette – Burattino58
220Elbi – You can stop58
221James Ritchie – Never far58
222Luis Mojica – The Ranger58
223Tiger Dek – Vita D’altri57,8
224Donna Zed – Into the dark57,6
225Metrica – Parlami di Luca56,8
226Luigi Bifone – Questa storia è importante56,8
227Shard & Francy – Lupo Solitario56,8
228The Red-Sik – Piove Luce56,8
229Carena – Dammi un milione Silvio56
230Antonella Braccia – Astinenza55,2
231Antonio Piretti – Another place for Us55,2
232Ariot – Without Hands55,2
233Donna Zed – Bold55,2
234LaceBlack – Anytime55,2
235Picture of Troy J – Sounds From Underground55,2
236Marcocram DJ feat Miriam – Long Time54,6
237Øksendal – You Found Me54,4
238Overclank – 2154,4
239GmG & the Beta Project – When i saw you54
240Tiger Dek – Noi andiamo in Cina53,8
241Matt Westin – Stomp On53,8
242Ugolatalp – Backoff53,2
243Luigi Bianco – Fatico a scegliere53
244Gianmarco Oliva – Liberi52,6
245Anthony Flake – He is waiting on you52,4
246Stefano Bertozzi – Tramonto52,4
247Under The Snow – Blackened52,4
248Lino Cericola – Noi insieme a voi51,8
249Mirko Colombari – Paese del sole51,8
250Sounds of New Wine – God of The Impossible51,8
251Angela Fenton – You’re Beautiful To Me51,6
252Øksendal – Be As You Are51,6
253Gianlupo – Doha51,4
254Romano Reggiani – I Don’t Live Anymore51,4
255Donna Zed – Against The Rising Sun51,2
256Marco Da Rold’s Ghost Train – Right For you51
257Confine di Stato – Bianca50,8
258Jack Frusciante è rientrato nel gruppo – Aahhh50,8
259Mendel – I Will Be Strong50,8
260The Ringflowers – Mr. Hotel50,6
261Cory M. Coons – Long Road (Dead Man’s Dream)50,2
262Matt Westin – Hey Bro50,2
263Jack Frusciante è rientrato nel gruppo – Se domani piove50
264Michal Rutkowski – Flowy Wind50
265Cabrio – Penso a lei49,8
266Marco Da Rold’s Ghost Train – Up And Down The Canyon49,8
267Ognibene – Cinque anni49,8
268Pasta Nera Jazz Project – Gargano49,8
269The Pull of Autumn – Not Coming Down49,8
270Donna Zed – My voice49,4
271Quaalude – The First Time (For a Thousand Times)49,2
272Donna Zed – Enough Years49
273Emilya ndMe – Snow49
274Normuss – A Lil Fun49
275Tiziano Albanese – La giovinezza (The Youth)49
276Ahri Arianna Vitale – Ricordi di lei48,8
277Invisible Wave – Call my name48,6
278Ahri Arianna Vitale – Voli più che mai48,4
279Donatello Ciullo – E se domani48,4
280Donna Zed – Morphine48,4
281Marco Da Rold’s Ghost Train – Bowl Of The Wild48,4
282Marshell – La voce delle lune48,4
283Tommy Lorusso – Surfing with the alien tribute48,4
284Rhyme – Camel Light48,2
285Tony Riggi – Kalimba de Luna ft. Tony Esposito48,2
286Ilaria Carpo – Ricomincio da qui48
287Justin Faye – Get the Kick Club Mix48
288Trace The Sidewalk – Voice of an Angel48
289Enny Okosun feat Uniekgrace – Greater Love47,8
290Milo – Paul Stanley47,8
291Rhyme – Ancora un po’47,6
292Errant Shadow – Crows in the Air46,6
293Jack Frusciante è rientrato nel gruppo – Amori di Cartapesta46,6
294Marcocram DJ feat Sara – Dance in the Night46,6
295Tiziano Albanese – Il Padre (The Father)46,6
296Donatello Ciullo – Gatto (Foggiano)46,4
297Antòn – Soli contro tutti46,2
298Cabinet of Millionaries – Theresa (USUK remix)46,2
299Luigi Bifone – In che mondo noi viviamo46,2
300Mash – Origami46,2
301Federico Feltrin – Emergenza45,4
302Gedrizz & Maryblue – Ballare ora45,4
303CrisVola – Ci Sarai45,4
304Øksendal – The Ferry45,4
305Stefano Bertozzi – Inequality45,4
306Dahlìa – Diva44,8
307Francesco Reitano – Il mare d’inverno44,8
308Ethel Onnis – Skye Boat Song44,6
309MVRTE – Credevi che bastasse44,6
310Simon The wolf – Oh Mama43,4
311Donatello Ciullo – Anime43,2
312Vito Solfrizzo – Sei l’unica43
313Donna Zed – High on desire43
314Armonite – Clouds Collide42,6
315Michele Pettinato – Per continuare a volare42,6
316Tiziano Albanese – La Regola (The Rules)42,6
317Maria Marino – Maledetta Benedetta42
318Moroger – I will be down41,8
319Barry International – Prisoner41,8
320Chiara Hudson – Cross the line41,8
321Pylon Reenactment Society – Cliff Notes41,8
322Ummagma – High Day41,8
323Vertigini Acustiche – Cos’è41,6
324Leti Dafne – Pizza e mandolino41,6
325Piet Louter – Under The Eye of Heaven41,4
326Radice Kubica – Sabbie mobili41,4
327Stefano Bertozzi – London41,4
328Alessia Ramusino – Yallah41,2
329Nature of Wires – Harry’s House (Klammer Remix)41
330Shoggy Tosh ft. Shady Blue & Dunamis Reingz – eMujow41
331EVA – Rescue Me40,8
332Armonite – By heart40,4
333Endrik Favero – The Parasympathetic Nervous System40,4
334Øksendal – Turning40,4
335Stefano Bertozzi feat Emma Butterworth – Between the Stars40,4
336The Revangels – Therapy40,4
337MaNuX – Come In Fotografia40,2
338Ground Control – Kaputt Mundi40
339Caitlin Nicole – Differently Abled Man40
340Def Robot – Falling Apart Again40
341FabbrostiK – Con tutto l’amore per te40
342Francis Salina – Drive39,6
343Michal Rutkowski – Ballroom39,6
344The Sphinx – Brutale39,6
345Vivienne – La dedico a te39,4
346Dona – Non importa39,4
347On Ithenfal’s Wing – A Haunting Farewell38,8
348Andrea Negro – Battiti38
349Effe16 – L’impronta del Rock38
350Effe16 – Resti Qui38
351Shoggy Tosh – Paradisay38
352Jhonnys Family Project – Maman Africa37,8
353Beauty in Chaos – Storm (Acoustic Version) ft. Ashton Nyte37,6
354Figure Walking – Blue World Remix37,2
355Maria Marino – D’amore morirei37,2
356Para Lia – Over It37,2
357Ryan Allen Fluker – Praise God37
358Alex Silipo – Non preoccuparti amore36,6
359Lucien Fuego – Siamo nati adesso36,4
360Gabriela Attardo Feat. Chiara Bellomo – Due Giorni36,2
361River Drivers – Children’s March (Mother Jones)36,2
362Steve Andrews – Where does all the plastic go36
363Igor Pitturi – Mannaggiatte35,6
364Matthew Schultz – We Can Go35,6
365Maoli – Is this love35,4
366Peppe Trisax – Feeling hot35,4
367Too Strange – Right Down35,4
368James Lee Baker – The First Time33,6
369Massin and Faiyabrand – Defender33
370Anastacia Mortimer – Love Prisoner (Rock)32,8
371The Membranes – Black Is The Colour32,8
372Derek Davis – Death Letter32,6
373Evi Vine – I Am The Waves32,6
374Luigi Bifone – Torna da me32,6
375Man City Sirens – Runaway, Oh Runaway32,6
376Paky – L’ignoranza32,6
377Sayonara Baby – I Saw You32,6
379Paola Costantini – Ora so dire addio32
380Donna Zed – Step Away31,6
381The Red-Sik – A casa31,6
382Andrea Pace – Let’s it shine31,4
383Gary Burk III -Friday Night31,4
384Jeremy Parsons – Making Things Up as I Go31,4
385Stephanie – Maglione rosso31,4
386Amanda LaPointe – Ima Be Strong31
387Dagma Sogna – Cenere30,4
388TL Tramps – Night Crawler30,4
389Vincenzo Romagnoli – Le stagioni dell’amore30,4
390Jaki – Crashing Through30,2
391Micol – Fragili parole30,2
392My Luv Notes – Mama30
393Luc Meunier – L’araignée30
394Luc Meunier – Providence30
395Sung Eun Choi – The Piano29,6
396Dario Greco – Regalami una rosa29,2
397Sayonara Baby – I’m getting there29,2
398Goodbye Mr MacKenzie – The Rattler29
399La Taniere d’Ameliè – Tempo29
400Tocarra – Crazy29
401ALEXEEVNA – Un milione di rose rosse28,8
402Jack Frusciante è rientrato nel gruppo –Meccanica dei Sensi28,8
403Barry International – Lovers Don’t Play28,6
404Julia – Parole di plastica28,6
405Bluombre – Cerco te28
406Stephen B. Lawrence – Dont Feel Like Home27,6
407Nurtuan – Never Give Up (feat. Johnny Crown)24
408Antonia – I Wanna be The One24
409Diamante – Muri frangibili24
410Epiphany – Get up your feet24
411Havana Honeymoon – Shoot the Singer Down24
412Justin Faye – Let me Smoke your Sweet Lips, Again24
413SU!T$ feat Dupes -Rush The Stage24
414Gosh Da Reel feat Lerato Happiness – Drifting away23,8
415LilGhostPaco – “FLIP FLOP”23,8
416Monsieur Job ft. No Mercy & Vojke Djans – Nina Shake Your Body23
417Epiphany – The Time You Need21,6
418Barry International – Female Love Warrior21
419Luigi Bifone – Un’ amore al capolinea21
420Dystopia of Truth – Love´s a Woman’s Game (Hard Rock Cover)19,8
421Lyric Dubee – Back Home19,6
422Davide Moscato -Turning Away18,8
423Davide Moscato – From the Ashes18,8
424Francesca Monroe – Luna Park18,6
425Loving The Sun – The Inside Light18,6
426Ahri Arianna Vitale – Ti porto il mondo18,4
427Carmine Iembo – Un Bagaglio18,4
428Ahri Arianna Vitale – Emotiva instabile18
429Christina Custode – Just in case18
430Conchita Pelayo – Diente Rata18
431Lyric Dubee – Can’t Say No18
432Stephen B Lawrence – Only You18
433The Strands – Combine18
434Carl Harris – FOOLS LOVE18
435Cris Emerald – Glorious18
436Dynamica – Ho bisogno18
437James Ritchie – Underwater18
438Jan Feat. Maikel – Tsunami18
439Sebastian Straw – My Friend18
440Donavon Lee Carpenter – Stompin Ground17,8
441Ahri Arianna Vitale – Insicura16,4
442Mirko Valeri – Non andartene16,2
443Ahri Arianna Vitale – Una nuova alba14,4
444Ahri Arianna Vitale – E non ridere di me14,4
445Ahri Arianna Vitale – Non chiamarlo amore14
446GloryBots – Dream About Nothing13,4
447CAEZAR – Waiting12
448Cory M. Coons – Break The Fall12
450Johanna Kuvaja – Shower12
451Lance Mitchell – Stop suicides worldwide12
452Quarry – Super Arcade12
454Runtolife – London Streets12
455The Membranes – A Strange Perfume12
456Trace The Sidewalk – Any Time, Anywhere, Any Way12
457Yendor – Bad Habits12
458Monsieur Job – Pica Pica11
459SKŸE – Better10,8
461Anton Barbeau – Berliner Grotesk9
462Crooked Ghost – Sinew in Red9
463Ahri Arianna Vitale – E non ridere di me8,4
464DiVine of Annapolis – Trust And Believe8
465Shoggy Tosh feat Massin, Boris One Spitter & Annette Bee – Pamoto Remix7,2
466Tiny Fighter – Where Are You Now7,2
467David Simmons – Angel Music Lover6,4
468Resa – In un attimo6,4
469Retrovizor – My Celestial Friends6,4
470Cas – Into space6
471Cellista – Look Homeward, Angel6
472Claudio Golini Dobermann – Sei tu sono io6
473COZIN – Galileo6
474Elenoir – This War6
475Happy Freuds – To Blue6
476Kc Dolce – Newlyfe6
477Kristen Karma – Party Heroes6
478Love Stallion – Valentine6
479Norm Adams & Julia Robertson – Home Tonight (E39 Club Mix)6
480ReyMarie – Delicate6
481Social Strife – MisUnderstood6
482The Neville Staple Band – Put Away Your Knives6
483Ugolatalp – Dubbing in the name of the king6
484Ugolatalp – Murder6
485Craymo – Take It Slow (Gotta Say Hey)5,6
486Gaia Bianco – Guardarti per ore4,8
487Luca Caponetto – Rock Revolution Day4,2
488Mario Petrix Abyss4,2
489Angel Tazari – Keep It Jumpin’Now1,4
490The Prairie Dogz – Me and you1,4

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  1. Bellissima voce della giovanissima cantautrice Gaia Bianco. Sicuramente sentiremo parlare di Lei complimenti.
    Complimenti anche per la canzone molto orecchiabile.

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