🇪🇪 Pia Fraus – Love Sports

Seksound is small recordlabel from Estonia, started in 2004 by members of Estonian shoegaze band Pia Fraus. Label has released records by Estonian indie artists Ans. Andur, Bad Apples, Dreamphish, Honey Power, Imandra Lake, Jan Helsing, Mirabilia, Kago, lack of Eoins, Marten Kuningas & Leegitsev Sidrun, Pia Fraus, Popidiot, Shelton San, Wolfredt and compilations of best Estonian independent music.

2019-2020 Formula Indie

Rank Stage Coeff. Points
9 Formula Indie 12.02.2020 85 24
9 Formula Indie 13.02.2020 85 24
10 Formula Indie 14.02.2020 85 23

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