Second single of 2023 for rocker Louis River.

Louis River’s new song, titled “Valantine,” is a powerful expression of passion and desire encapsulated in a rock music context. The title playfully twists the word “Valentine,” but the English lyrics reveal a bold and fiery side. The song seems to narrate a story of unrestrained passion between a man and a woman, but with an interesting nuance. The man appears to observe this passion from the woman’s perspective, trying to understand and capture the details of her fantasy. This viewpoint adds an intriguing dimension to the song, highlighting the complexity of human relationships and hidden desires. The music itself is intense, with a rhythm that clearly evokes passion and energy. The strength and passion of the musical notes create a fiery atmosphere, fitting well with the theme of the song. Rock serves as the perfect backdrop for this “night of fire,” emphasizing the erotic and sensual side of the story.

In conclusion, Louis River’s “Valantine” is a song that combines the power of rock with the intensity of human emotions. The intriguing lyrics and engaging music make this track a musical experience that captures the listener’s attention and fantasies. Louis River proves to express passion captivatingly through his music, and he does so with a powerful voice. The video accompanying this song is also available on the artist’s channel, reminiscent of the classic rock style but without scenes directly referencing the song’s lyrics. Available on all digital platforms and in our playlists.