MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW Hungry Like the Wolf By Orange Sky

Orange Sky’s rendition of Hungry Like the Wolf is a delightful musical twist that
infuses the iconic Duran hit with their own Caribbean flair, resulting in a compelling
and original interpretation. This review will delve into the details of the song,
highlighting the band’s unique blend of musical genres, their exceptional skills, and the
distinct elements that make this cover version a must-listen.
Hailing from the picturesque shores of Trinidad and Tobago, Orange Sky is
composed of four talented musicians, namely Nigel Rojas (Guitar, lead vocal, and
Songwriter), Nicholas Rojas (Bass Guitar and back vocal), Dax Cartar (Lead Guitar),
and Dion Camacho (Drums). Together, they form a musical powerhouse that seamlessly
weaves together various genres and styles to create a sound that is both eclectic and
mesmerising. The combination of guitars, bass guitar, and drums in this release
provides a powerful and unique melody, and their skilful performance makes it
enjoyable to listen to at any time. All four musicians showcase their dazzling talents
throughout the song, ensuring an attracting musical experience.
The song begins with a unique and humorous touch, as the band introduces it
with a woman’s smile. This playful start sets the tone for the track, making it
immediately engaging. The chorus is exceptionally catchy, driven by the energetic
production and an unusual rhythm that adds to the song’s originality. The engaging
lyrics further enhance the song’s upbeat vibe, making it suitable for a wide-ranging
What truly stands out in this production is the band’s ability to blend elements
from Pop, Rock, and Reggae genres seamlessly. The result is an intriguing musical
fusion that reveals the band’s skill and versatility. They have masterfully combined
these genres to create a sound that is truly unique and captivating.
The song’s conclusion is another highlight, with gravelly and scathing tones that
leave a lasting impression. The choir of voices contributing to the ‘do-do-do-do-do-do’
adds a sense of positivity and high-energy flow, leaving the listener in good spirits.
The band’s decision to take on Duran Duran’s iconic hit, Hungry Like the Wolf,
and infuse it with their Caribbean influence was a brilliant move. They transformed the
familiar beats with pulsating reggae rhythms, and the lead singer’s soulful, island-tinged
vocals added depth and passion to the song. This fusion of rock and reggae turned their
cover into an instant hit, resonating with listeners around the world. This rendition pays
homage to the original while also leaving the audience craving more of Orange Sky’s
unique sound.
The lyrics of Hungry Like the Wolf are as evocative as ever, painting a vivid
picture of pursuit and desire. The song’s narrative takes you on a journey through the
city, where the hunt is on and the protagonist is determined to catch their prey. The
mouth-watering descriptions and the metaphorical use of hunting create a vivid and
thrilling story.

All in all, Orange Sky’s cover of Hungry Like the Wolf is a refreshing and
innovative take on a classic song. Their fusion of musical genres, skilled musicianship,
and appealing performance make this version a highly recommended choice for music
enthusiasts of all tastes. This rendition captures the spirit of the original while adding a
unique Caribbean twist that leaves you craving more of Orange Sky’s distinctive sound.

Review made by Lucy Cicioni | Promoted by Musik & Film, MAF Music Promotion