New single for Vittorialo. And that makes 5!

Fifth single of 2023 by Vittoria Locurcio, also known as Vittorialo. Since July 7th, “The Promise” is available on all digital stores. Summer has been underway for a while, bringing with it the mood of summer tracks. This time, we’re immersing ourselves in a “reggae-inspired” reality, still within the realm of “unresolved loves,” as the artist herself puts it. A fresh and slow mood, as we sip a beachside drink and lose ourselves in the sound with our headphones on full blast. Vittorialo tells us directly and unfiltered about the ups and downs of mood, about the techniques of self-sabotage that often anchor us in a state of physical and mental discomfort. Our artist addresses important and not to be underestimated issues, all in a reggae key. “The Promise” delivers a positive message: the awareness of this state of discomfort, of being able to fall and hit rock bottom… and it’s precisely from that bottom that one starts again. To rise and resurface. “Believing in something always, no, it’s not easy.” And that’s true! One must take care of oneself and promise to have the strength to breathe again. Well done, Vittorialo! The video clip is available on the artist’s Youtube channel. On all digital platforms and in our playlists.

Article by LaNaif