Marco La Corte takes us to “Mare forza 9”

” After the beautiful single of 2022 titled “Dance the Madness,” Marco La Corte returns with a new track entitled “Sea Force 9.” The singer-songwriter, born in Palermo and adopted by Bologna, has worked not only on this track, but on an entire album. We are facing the beautiful offerings of summer, forget the empty fads of the majors (but how terrible is Disco Paradise?). Here, Marco brings a lot of energy, both in his ever-present and adrenaline-fueled vocals, and in the arrangements, which are very lively and engaging. A song that recalls times gone by, before the sickly sociality of social media, before the extreme uncertainty, the various crises that cyclically hit us. After all, a sea force 9 is frightening, it makes us feel small. The times gone by, as we were saying, those in which the connection with summer (and with life in general) was more authentic, the times when we risked more with our hearts and thought less (and thinking, in this case, has the negative connotation of being in the realm of the mind, but that’s another matter). The overwhelming chorus opens up imaginative American spaces, a metaphorical America of achieving one’s dreams, detaching from one’s roots to expose oneself to life. So, “Sea Force 9” is a track in perfect balance between sweetness and melancholy, between carefreeness and nostalgia. With an impetus that cannot leave the listener indifferent. A great piece for a summer to be lived. Available on all digital platforms and in our playlists.

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