New EP and new single for Lavocedellartista

New single for Davide Amato, known as Lavocedellartista. “”In questa notte” taken from the EP “In un minuto o poco più” (In a Minute or Slightly More), slightly deviates from the somewhat provocative concept of our Davide, which is to encapsulate an entire song in just over a minute (to align with the “attention” standards of the distracted modern audience). However, we are still under 3 minutes, and in this song, Davide departs from any irony to gift us with a soft and nocturnal piece, his personal “Ring them bells” (a lesser-known gem from Dylan’s production). A reflection on the meaning of love, often experienced as mere disposable passion (and here, perhaps, there is a less direct connection to the general concept of the EP). Always putting oneself in the service of love and the partner, to balance a relationship that would otherwise be a momentary blaze. Musically, we are enveloped in a nocturnal atmosphere; the mood suggests images of a warm summer evening, those nights when you are alone with yourself and reflect on the meaning of our existence. Davide starts softly, then gradually grows harmonically and naturally, leading to a final climax which, although not “shouted,” still represents a strong departure from the very first notes. Concluding in a newfound awareness, that of service (“you first, you, me after you, you won’t cry for love anymore”). A song to listen to attentively, without haste, tuning into this atmosphere of softly played notes, where each note counts. The meticulously crafted arrangement, in fact, makes everything more precious. If you have 3 minutes to spare, dedicate them to this song. And then to the rest of the EP, whose meaning will become clearer to you. You can find the lyrics video on the artist’s YouTube channel. Available on all digital platforms.