Today we have a special guest in this written version of the Solo Voices series, LTB!

Annapolis based pop and R&B artist, LTB, is best known for his rich tone and beautiful vibrato that evokes the ubiquitous sound of classic singers from the mid twentieth century. His definitive talent for composing, singing and producing his own music makes him an artist to watch in the coming years. Best known for his love of emotion provoking lyrics, unexpected beats and jazz influences, he easily crosses the pop and R&B music genres. He draws inspiration from artists such as The Weeknd, James Blake, Joji, Hozier, and Steve Lacy.

LTB has performed in front of thousands at many venues in the Annapolis and Baltimore area. Whether it is a sold-out crowd or an intimate showcase, he knows how to captivate the audience with his vocal strength and musicality. LTB will be relocating to Nashville in the Fall of 2023 to continue his music career.

His most recent single, “Rewind” has already received attention and support from fans and musicians alike. The meaning behind Rewind is close to LTB’s heart and he hopes it helps others move past moments of regret and learn to focus on the present. “Rewind” is available now on all streaming services. (

Alessandro : First of all, the most important thing : how are you? 🙂

LTB : I’m great, thanks for having me!

A. You are very young, this is your first single with the moniker LTB, first of all, ‘Rewind’ is a wonderful track, my question is, what is your path, do you had make other releases with other names or is your very first experience?

L: Thank you! So I have produced music and sang for a couple years before releasing Rewind but this is the first song I have ever released.

A. Talking about your start, How you have started after to sing? I mean, do you have made some studios or you are just blessed with that wonderful voice? And also, how you started to write songs?

L: Thanks again. When I was younger I was always drawn to music and singing. Whether that was just listening to a song on the radio or singing like I’m Frank Sinatra in the shower, something about music connected with me and made me feel alive. Throughout my childhood, I found different ways to interact with music through being in chorus and theatre productions. I remember when I was a freshman in high school and discovered Ableton Live, a music production software, which was a gamechanger for me. That’s when I began making beats, writing songs, and watching a million youtube tutorials videos on how to make music. Finally, this year I gave myself a goal of releasing a song before I graduated high school, and Rewind was released.

A. Talking about the Logan out of the music, do you have other passions?

L: I’m am a massive sports fan. Whether its football, basketball, UFC, formula one I will most likely be watching.

A. Now we go back to your music career and we cannot mention that event the inaugural home game of Annapolis Blues Fc with the national anthem , you can tell me what does that mean for you, is this a big thing in America? I am european so probably i don’t fully understand what does that mean, and then, you can tell me the emotions that you had when the people made that standing ovation for you?

L: That moment was incredibly special for me. It was also very suprising too because i didn’t know that I was singing the national anthem until 2 days before the game, which was exciting and nerve-wrecking at the same time. When I was on the field, seeing thousands of people in the stands right in front of me was surreal, and the standing ovation was amazing and Im honored that I had the opportunity to perform the national anthem for such a great audience.

A. What kind of music do you listen now?

L: I listen to a lot of diffrent genres of music, but at the moment I’m mostly listening to RNB and Hiphop. One album I’m really enjoying at the moment is Beautiful and Brutal Yard by J Hus which just came out.

A. Logan, you live in Annapolis now, maybe you can tell me something about the music scene there and also in Maryland? Your genre is popular in your state or the born of 2 big artist like Toni Braxton and Mario was like ‘’randomly’’ because on the Wikipedia page of Music of Maryland i see that the music you have as they say is from many fields, so i would like to know your point of view

L: The Maryland music scene is extremely diverse. Downtown Annapolis has a thriving live music scene for local artists and Baltimore draws larger audiences to their bigger venues. We have a great community that is really supportive of live music in this area. I’ve loved that I’ve had the opportunity — even at 15 — to perform live at a local music venue. I don’t think I would have gotten that opportunity in any other town. And, this town embraces music of all types, whether it’s indie, rock or R&B.

A. How was your live in Annapolis and Baltimore? How people was to see you? It was emotional?

L: When I had the opportunity to sing live in Annapolis as an opening act for an album release party, it was amazing. I’ll never forget the way the audience supported me during my set. It was truly inspiring. Throw a group of random people you know and don’t know together in a room and start singing and they all come together to sing along, clap and support. It’s a great feeling!

A: In the autumn of 2023 you will move on Nashville, this is correct? I think you can do a great work in the world of r&b music, can i ask why you would like to move in Nashville? This is for the recording studio, the opportunities or just the networking? And in this your parents are supporting you?

L: To have the opportunity to be in such a diverse and vibrant musical environment and to be able to collaborate with other creators is why I’m attending Belmont Univerisity in Nashville. As said before, my parents fully support my decision and have helped me be able to take this next step of my life.

A.Final question Now we will play your new single Rewind I listened your song, and also see the lyric video that is very cool, about the writing process of your song, what did you want to express with that song? And which artists or events inspired you? maybe you can introduce it and then let us know other plan for your future releases

L: Rewind came from me sitting in my bedroom one night and just thinking about the past and things I wanted to change about myself. I released in that moment that it was pointless to be stuck in these thoughts about the past and to have the past control me. Rewind conveys that feeling of wanting to “rewind the clock and change whats happened,” even though is is futile. I have another song coming out next month so be on the lookout for that and thank you for your time and having this interview with me!

Interview made by Alessandro Cicioni