MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW Miss You as a Friend By Sunset Mavericks

Miss You as a Friend by Sunset Mavericks is a passionate and well-crafted debut release from the band. Drawing inspiration from the Country and Americana genres, which have been gaining popularity in Europe, Sunset Mavericks delivers a refreshing take on these musical styles. 

The song starts off on a strong note with the splendid sound of the guitar, accompanied by a sweet female voice that blends beautifully with the rhythmic guitar melodies throughout the track. The addition of a male voice adds a well-thought out touch of masculinity to the song. Miss You as a Friend is a beautiful acoustic track that pays homage to the song writing traditions of contemporary artists. Singer Lillemor Spitzer acknowledges the power of stripping a song down to its essentials, stating that Americana and Bluegrass have a unique ability to touch the audience’s hearts, and this sentiment is evident in the immediate impact of the song. 

The instrumentation in this song is noteworthy, with the guitars playing a prominent role and producing a bright and nostalgic sound. The guitars create a smooth melody that resonates with a sense of longing, further enhancing the emotional impact of the vocals and lyrics. The combination of emotive vocals and relatable lyrics adds depth and meaning to the song, allowing listeners to connect on an emotional level. 

Co-written by Lillemor and her partner Uwe Tack, Miss You as a Friend was recorded in its purest form, with a focus on capturing the essence of the music. The final mix was mastered at the renowned Abbey Road Studios in London, adding a touch of magic to the already enchanting track.

I highly recommend giving Miss You as a Friend a listen. Sunset Mavericks has crafted a remarkable debut that shows their talent and potential. The song’s emotional depth, well-crafted instrumentation, and fascinating vocals make it a standout track in the Country and Americana music scene. This single is bound to leave a lasting impression and will undoubtedly resonate with fans of these genres and beyond. The song is available for streaming on all major platforms and can also be enjoyed on the Sunset Mavericks YouTube channel. 

Review made by Lucy Cicioni