New single for JOE D. from his album “Stige”

“Umanità” is the new single by Joe Discordia (also known as Joe D.), taken from his album released in 2022 titled “Stige.” Joe D. is an artist from Sardinia with unusual depth and sensitivity, resulting from his life experiences (from level 1 autism to encountering Buddhist faith) and his way of living art as the primary form of communication.

Listening to Giuseppe’s music is a total experience. You are enveloped by dense and warm music, mysterious and intriguing lyrics, and an energy that comes straight at you, strong but never violent. Joe Discordia is Giuseppe’s alter ego, surpassing physical and physiological barriers to express himself fully. In “Umanità,” he brings to the stage, in a theatrical and sumptuous manner, a fragmented and evocative text, a puzzle to be put back together that captures the current state of a divided, struggling, and confused humanity.

The sensation of detachment becomes clear, and certainly not in a negative sense. That detachment is useful for seeing things as they are, without judgment. That detachment transforms negativity (derived from judgment) into a healthy and regenerative serenity. Despite the compelling music and strong theatricality, this serenity in the background comes through, clear. And it is a sip of fresh water in the desert.

Joe is an artist to be fully experienced, enjoying the nuances and positive energy he radiates.

Label: 00Crew Available on all digital platforms and in our playlists.

Article by AlQuadro

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