MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW E cerco te by Eonian

At the beginning of 2020 these musically experienced members of this hard-working band called Eonian started to perform together. They define themselves as an Italian band with roots in progressive pop-rock who collaborate in both Italian and English. The band is formed by five members, each one bringing their own styles, and skills honed over their extensive careers in the music business. Briefly, the members are: Canadian Marcello Convertini (lead, keyboard, and back-up vocals); bilingual singer-songwriter Paul Salvatore Ferrarotto (acoustic guitar, lead and back-up vocals); Antonio Valente (drums, lead and back-up vocalist); Simone Sassi (bass); Ferruccio Rosellini (electric guitar). Together they bring a wealth of experience both in production and performance, including sound and stage. 

Their first album I Still Believe in You was recorded in 2020. The album Pure as Gold (2022, Pisa, Italy) from which this track is taken is a living piece of vibrant art that remains both personal to the singer-songwriter yet just as cathartic for the love-struck listener. It was recorded in Pisa, using vintage-style equipment and methods in order to enable as far as possible the reproduction of the sound of live performance in the studio. The highlight of the album, at least in the eyes of this reviewer, is the foot-tapping first song, whose lyrics carry emotional weight. The band’s wish is to communicate messages of hope and optimism, and this track emphasises the search for freedom in the middle of so much slavery. So, it has an interesting message which is quite mesmerising. The song is an expression of inner feelings and it has a catchy rock melody. 

As for the instruments, piano is the one which dominates in the song but others such as keyboard, bass, electric guitar are also occupy an essential part in this release. We can’t forget the characterisation of astounding tones and deep vocals which captivate anybody, though. The combination of the musicality with the ‘live’ sound achieved in production creates a very haunting tune which I find very moving. 

Personally, I think this track deserves to be listened to more than once so as to appreciate the technical and musical skill and creativity which have gone into it, as does the album which will be fully released later this year. Thanks to their excellent cohesion, huge effort and clear passion for the music, they have achieved what night be considered a modern masterpiece. This relatively newly formed band have shown their talents and deserve the recognition and plaudits which are sure to come their way. The track is available on

Review Made by Lucy Cicioni