MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW Let the Candle burnBy Bobby and The Crew

Having changed their line-up several times since starting out in 2009, Bobby and the Crew are now making headlines again with their latest offering ‘Let the Candle burn.’ This Norwegian band defies simple description, and have shown dominance in the genres of alternative rock, pop and indie. 

This single can be considered to be a fusion of Pop Rock which shows the talent, poise and ambition of this band, which wants to give another face to the pop genre. This single belongs to indie pop and it’s inspired in AM rock. It has a quite slow-moving storyline which conveys strong emotions and it compares love with a burning flame that never dies. 

This newest release features a stupendous versatile sound which gives a feeling of having been produced with a lot of accuracy. What I like most is the delicateness of the singer’s voice. It’s sweet and in ballad-style due to the bottom-end tones. If you’re expecting a romantic love song perhaps this is the track which could get your hopes up. The lyrics are so meaningful, and deeply emotional as is the chorus. Paying attention to the message of the song, inner feelings of loneliness or internal turmoil have great strength. 

Instruments which are worth paying attention to here are above all, the distinctive sax and also the percussion combo. Sax plays a significant role in the sound in this production and it’s deserving of paramount importance as a significant tone-setter. The vocals harmonise perfectly with the other instruments and the bass comes into its own in the chorus. 

I definitely encourage anyone not to miss out on this song as I think this track deserves attention. This is a group with a lot of style and well worth following as they are hardworking and ambitious, proof of which is every song is very different from any other in their repertoire. If you’re keen on contemporary pop/rock, this song won’t let you down. I’m sure their new release will become a yet another hit for this already extremely popular and original band.

Review Made by Lucy Cicioni

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