MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW The Neighborhood (pop edm) by AV Super Sunshine

This new track ‘The Neighborhood’ tells the story of a bad break-up with an extremely toxic ex-partner. The vengeance is now that everybody knows exactly how bad the relationship was and how badly the ex-partner behaved. So revenge and pay-back are two related themes here. This track is both original in sound and thought-provoking in lyrics. 

Particularly memorable, this single is charged with emotion. What’s more, there are two quite different versions of the song, one of purely rock with the full band and another Pop/EDM. This particular single is a blend of pop and EDM. The Pop/EDM version has been produced and mixed by Michael Bradford in Los Angeles, while the rock version was produced and mixed in Nashville. The vocals are gritty, sounding both passionate and aggressive, and provide the perfect medium through which to deliver the story of the song. The emotional side runs through the entire song, with the tonality of the voice expressing hope, bitterness and energy in equal measure. 

In terms of instrumentation, bass, miked grand piano, drums, guitars are the instruments utilised in the song. All of them make it possible to have an exceptional melody with authentic lyrics, and the strong drum beat complements the powerful voice perfectly. What struck me most about the instruments is the specific sound produced with the miked grand piano. It gives a splendid rhythm which raises spirits and represents optimism for a better future. 

Just for its originality and quality, and its brutal honesty, I would strongly recommend you to listen to this song because it’s something new that our ears are not used to listening to every day. While it may be different from the mainstream, it is none the less for that. Careful listening will be extremely rewarding, enjoyable, and uplifting. 

Review Made by Lucy Cicioni

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