MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW She’s the Boss from Hell by Wally Bartfay

Who doesn’t like to have a professor who starts lessons with a country rock sounds to break the ice in their lessons? This prof knows how to motivate his students every day. Dubbed ‘Rock N’ Prof’ by his students, Wally Bartfay uses music to motivate and inspire his students. He is a vocational musician, saving up as a child buy his own guitar, and teaching himself to play not only the guitar but an assortment of other instruments also. Additionally, he writes his own material, with lyrics which often reflect his life experiences and feelings. 

The message on this particular track refers to a daily situation that anyone who has ever been in the workplace could find supremely relatable. Many people can empathise with workers who stay in their depressing, uninspiring, monotonous jobs just for the pay check, as we all have bills to pay and people who depend on us for their basic necessities. The track ratchets this up a notch, positing that this already unhappy situation could be aggravated by the ‘Boss from Hell’, who has come with the explicit purpose of making the workplace hell on earth. 

The original radio version was released in January 2023, and the YouTube production is based on this. Expertly produced, it is energetic, catchy and memorable. While hard to pin down, it could be framed inside the country rock and adult contemporary genre. Remarkable are both the power of the voice and vocalisation, and the skilful production. Vocalisation is extremely clear, something which is not as common today as it should be, and this lends impetus to the powerful lyrics, together with the very attractive, gravelly voice. Strong instrumentation with electric guitar and percussion complements this strong vocal perfectly. 

Even if you think you’re not very keen on country music, I think it is well worth taking the time to listen to this song, and appreciate the lyrics and the skill required to put it all together. This deserves to be an instant hit, and will leave the discerning listener looking for more from this inspiring musician-turned-teacher-turned-musician. 

Review Made by Lucy Cicioni

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