MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW Kill me quick by André Aires

The young Portuguese singer-songwriter André Aires wants to impress us with this moving, close pop ballad together with a magnificent, strong title song. And succeeds admirably. He has been influenced by musical groups from his childhood such as The Script, Linkin Park and Pink. 

In terms of music success, it’s worth saying he has been nominated three times in a row in the Portuguese Music Award. In general, Aires has the goal of expanding the message that everyone is different, regardless of their experience, and this is what makes them special and each one wonderful in their own unique way.

In his twenties he recorded a variety of new music in Nashville, whose influence can be felt in his current work. When we listen to this song, some feelings such as sadness surface, intertwined in the perfect tones of the artist as he hints at a story of a broken relationship.

The genre here is pop and adult contemporary. What it impresses me more are the formidable piano sounds and the splendid vocals which stand out over the accompaniment. It has a quite slow-moving storyline which can satisfy a wide audience. We could say it is a slow burner that eventually grows on you with every listening. Most listeners will find some aspects which they can relate too, which in turn encourages them to return to the piece time and again.

The song is certainly worth listening to, above all when you find yourself in the same situation as the singer in the song. The expression of the inner feelings by the artist is of paramount importance to enable the audience to empathise with his message, something which is extremely effectively achieved throughout the track. Aires is a passionate performer who never fails to move the listener, and is all the more fascinating for it.

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