MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW In my mind by Brian Iannucci

Once more Brian Iannucci delights us with another single, the latest, from his album called Double Felony. From his singing, we can perfectly realise he comes back with no less strength than a few months ago; just the opposite. The great strength in his voice makes the song thought-provoking. It’s not hard to follow and is particularly memorable with impressive characterisation. I think it’s an instant hit from the very beginning. 

There is no doubt Brian Iannuci is a well-known artist and performer who has already been played in more than 150 countries and audiences continue to acclaim him. Use of the electronic guitars, and drums together with his energetic vocals give a fresh and new face to his interpretation of the genre. 

He wishes to give another look to Country genre which is why he adds a bit of pop and blues to give a different look to this music style. The result is a very special or distinctive sound. This is also possible thanks to his ability as a pianist. Another feature to take into consideration here is the lyrics and vocals which are deep, thoughtful, entertaining, hopeful and fill us up with energy. The lyrics have an interesting message, and are especially relevant in its social context. The song can truly evoke loving memories. I was pleasantly surprised by the catchy melody of the song. The more you listen to this special track, the more you like it and the more you fancy listening to it again. 

This single could be therapeutic for those moments when a boost of energy is what needed to lift yourself out of the doldrums. Singing along to the lyrics can help you to feel brighter which is why I encourage people to familiarise themselves with this song. It will be time well spent! 

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