MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW Tragic Comedy by Truse

A native of Los Angeles, Truse is a very experimented rock musician who is recording his latest album. Tragic Comedy is a single which is part of this special album. His main goal is to convey a message related to the consequences of battles in life. He has been influenced in his music style by many artists in the past. It’s truly said that his lyrics and song come from fresh, creative inspiration.

Referring to what Truse wants to convey to the audience, his idea is to pay tribute to the veterans of battles and war. His lyrics correspond to a sad description of how and what the consequences of a war can be. He tells us fighting battles for humanity is not the best solution. I think the message conveyed in the single is what gives it a soft rock style vibe. The song is characteristically thought-provoking and moving which I am sure will be a resounding success. Additionally, I see this track as a listening therapy for those who have suffered the consequences or experienced at first person war, or whose loved ones have done so.

Another topic to add to the main attraction of the song is his voice. I was pleasantly surprised by his throaty, deep voice and astounding vocals. It’s well said he has a strong appealing powerful voice which elevates the main points of the song. One of the things I liked most is the perfect coherence between the brilliant intonation that he adapts to each verse and the lyrics themselves. What’s more, not less important is the sound of the guitar which gives life to the Truse’s vocals. He masters perfectly the chords of this musical composition, offering an electrifying performance. 

I consider his song to be truly original and truly beautifully written. The artist blends sad feelings with powerful ones. This masterpiece covers key aspects of rock music such as powerfulness and strong correlation between voice and instrument. Even hard rock fans would be well advised to listen to this track as no-one will be left disappointed.

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