MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW Pour One Out By Brian Iannucci

Here we’re talking about Brian Iannucci, a very well-known artist worldwide thanks to his successful performance and musical production with several awards to his name. He’s a singer-songwriter with an eclectic musical background. His particular sound comes from a blend of modern country, pop and blues. Brian is also an excellent piano player and he showcases this ability in this single. He brings a different feel to the genre of country music, adding features of New Country. What’s more, Brian’s lyrics and vocals provide a deep, thoughtful, and entertaining musical experience.

The opening track of his latest released album called Double Felony is ‘Pour One Out’, a true smash inside this genre. Full of good vibrations, it feels like an opportunity to switch off and have a good time with friends – relaxing but also definitely a chilled party!

As for the instruments used, thanks to combination of drums, electronic guitar, and different tones of voice, the song is a standout track. Its rhythm is quite fast, and brisk-paced. Hence the party vibe, but also well worth finding time to listen to it properly to appreciate the sounds and technical skills that has gone into putting this together.

One thing I really liked about this track is that it’s easy to remember the lyrics as the singer vocalises clearly and he produces a sheer musical quality. He’s full of energy when he sings and he knows to convey this to the audience. I consider it a really catchy track from the beginning to the end and you’ll probably find yourself singing along soon. So I would definitely recommend listening and following this artist as the music has the power to feel you great anywhere and everywhere.

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