‘Golden Hours’ is Melbourne singer-songwriter ‘Jade Empress’s debut single, and an ode to commitment-phobia.

Having spent the last 18 months as a doctor on the frontline, songwriting proved to be an outlet for Jade, providing her with resilience when she needed it most.Vocal comparisons to artists like Lana Del Rey, Florence and the Machine and London Grammar are well-founded. Influenced by musical legends such as Joan Armatrading, Joni Mitchell, Ella Fitzgerald, David Bowie and more, and having recently honed her craft alongside artist Ben Folds as part of his 2021 exclusive songwriting intensive workshop, Jade’s evocative vocals weave playfulness with introspection, creating something that is unique and intimately true to herself.Golden Hours captures the pain of a war of hearts, where you are going down multiple paths at once. Jade is someone that loves with her whole heart, but she’s not going to give her dreams up for anyone. She believes there’s an immense strength and power that comes with being in love, but it’s not one that’s always reflected in society’s attitudes. By writing Golden Hours, she’s looking to reveal the power, strength and melancholia that love can bring.Speaking about Golden Hours, Jade light-heartedly explains that it’s an “ode to commitment-phobia,” but clarifies that it’s about running towards things, rather than running away. “It’s loving things that are gone and things that never were,” Jade reveals. “It’s about missing things that could never have been, while remaining endlessly optimistic and excited for whatever is around the next corner.”Golden Hours is the first release from Jade, with three more singles scheduled for release later this year. Jade’s gone all-in with her commitment to music in 2022, and she’s looking forward to sharing more pieces of her soul with the world, with private performances booked throughout February, and her next public performance set for the Sale Music Festival in early March.