Young Pop Chanteuse Scores With Youtube Cover Of “Drivers License” While Recording New Music

Rapidly growing in popularity, Sophie Kaushik’s Youtube cover of the
recently released popular pop song “Drivers License” brings an element
of emotion and vocal refinement to Olivia Rodrigo’s super hit. The
moving cover is accompanied by the creative music video reflecting the
singer’s attention to detail and the effortless esthetic of a young
music artist.

Sophie Kaushik is a rising pop singer-songwriter based out of
California. Despite her young age, she possesses remarkable vocal range,
which is enhanced by the unique quality and the ability to convey
emotion and softness punctuating the lyrics. Sophie Kaushik’s voice
paints vivid imagery while creating a sense of joy, hope, and happiness
for listeners. As a young artist, Sophie Kaushik’s passion for music is
underpinned by many years of training in music and classical voice. The
combination of Sophie Kaushik’s natural talent and devotion to
performance quality creates an effortlessly remarkable artist with a
strong future ahead.

After creating several pop covers and releasing them on her YouTube
channel, Sophie Kaushik is now working on her debut single, which is
slated to be released during the Summer-Fall 2021. Her debut single will
be filled with strong, bright vocals and touching lyrics. In the
meantime, Sophie Kaushik’s most recent cover of Drivers License on
YouTube is garnering glowing fan reviews and building her a strong fan
base of loyal supporters. Some of the comments from fans include:

“Really felt you are better than the original!”

“This is hands down now my favorite cover of drivers license!”

“This is literally amazing!!!!!!”

The fans can follow Sophie Kaushik on Spotify, and on her youtube
channel where she will continue to produce creative covers of her
favorite artists.

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