Never to be pigeonholed ……Never comfortable in a Genre

explores new ground. A guitar band by day ravers by night.  Always a
contrast as musicians  playing gigs on  London’s live  circuit while
spending the early  hours on the rave circuit.  Playing live  shows in
Camden then raving in Shoreditch EDM has been a secret passion now
Finally they can combine the two.
   Unashamedly influenced by the electronic synthpop sounds of the early
80s, Vix 20 demonstrates that at the core of everything they do is a
knack for a strong, melodic, smart pop music. The songs will take you
back to the early sounds of the Pet Shop Boys and New Order.
Listen to the Tracks here
Originally released early in 2020 on Goosewing Music, Tron Takes The
Train returns this time on Hottwerk, and with remixes; Allan McIntyre
straps in for an 8 minute hi-NRG workout, upping the tempo and
maximising the wild 80s dancefloor abandon… whilst Greg May draws from
a slightly different 80s influence for his “Human Race” remix, with
shades of electro. And a downbeat, cinematic lofi rework from Spatial
Awareness completes the package.
The Power POP Rock Band Vix20 are Gary Mills and CJ with the dynamite
rhythm section of Rich Norris and Kill find out more about them on
social media and the website.

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