8 Surprising benefits of Valve amplifiers you never heard of

In the older times, everyone used to love the tube amplifiers also known as the valve amplifiers. But as technology advances, things start to change. The time came when transistors were being used for the production of the amplifiers. One of the major highlights of those amplifiers was that they did not require any service or parts replacement like the tube amplifier.

This was one of the biggest reasons along the psychological desire why people switched to the newer amplifiers. But as time passed, a lot of true music lovers came back to the old and traditional tube amplifier.

This was all because of their sound quality and other surprising benefits over the newer transistor amplifiers. If you do not know about these surprising benefits, then you are at the right place because here are the 8 surprising benefits of the valve amplifier.

The 8 surprising benefits of the valve amplifier:

The following are some of the best benefits of getting valve amplifiers.

1.  The even-order Harmonic distortion of valve amplifiers is great.

When it comes to the distortion produced by the amplifiers, the valve ones have more distortion, but the thing that is better about this distortion is that it is of the second-order. This means that these distortions are musical for years and they sound very well.

This is also the reason why these distortions are also known as the harmonic distortions. So, this harmonic distortion of these amplifiers provides the same note but that is an octave above the real note, so the sound gets more attractive.

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2.  Better progressive distortion can be noted in the valve amplifier.

The progressive distortion is another great benefit of having these amplifiers. The reason for this is that the progressive distortion means to make things louder and the older technology amplifiers are great at doing this. If we take a real-life example of this phenomenon, we can see that the instruments produce more harmonic content when they are used hardly or strongly.

The valve amplifiers are great in this case because they manage the distortion level according to the output from the instruments. This helps them manage the voltage levels; thus, it makes the volume louder easily without creating any bad effect.

3.  The best sound quality at all levels can be achieved by the valve amplifier.

One of the main purposes of having an amplifier is to produce the sound at the levels you would want to enjoy it. A great thing about these amplifiers is that they exactly produce the sound quality at all levels that you can enjoy.

On the other hand, the solid-state amplifiers provide the best sound at the higher levels and they are not as good at higher levels. Unlike those, the tube amplifier can be used at all levels according to the requirement

4.  Optimum power output of the valve amplifiers.

It is another great property of these amplifiers that they are rated for the power wattage levels that they have to use. Most of them are rated for the following wattage ratings

  • 8 watts per channel minimum.
  • 80 watts per channel at max.

On the other hand, the solid-state amplifiers are rated for dangerous wattage levels at 300watts per channel. So, this can get very dangerous when using the solid-state amplifiers but very safe otherwise.

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5.  Valve amplifier provides softer clipping.

Soft clipping is a very important thing when it comes to amplifiers. It is because when the amplifiers are being used, they start to distort more, and they produce clipping in the waveform. The good part of these amplifiers is that the clipping here is soft.

This means that if we take a look at the waveform, the peaks are not very pointy, but they are softer in terms of edges. This makes them almost identical to the actual wave and the sound gets even better.

6.  The tube amplifier provides less negative feedback.

Most of the amplifiers work in the principles of linear functions. This makes the overall working of the amplifiers very sloppy and the amplifiers need negative linear feedback to make things sound better.

But the amplifiers that we are discussing here are very different in this case because they need less negative feedback. As less negative feedback is required, this makes the distortion curve better and the output source impedance also gets better for the sound quality.

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7.  Tube amplifier provides higher output impedances.

The output impedance for these amplifiers is great as compared to the solid-state amplifiers. This means that there are low damping factors for the output and the output will be clearer and better. It is because the lower damping factors of these amplifiers do not change the frequency and transient response of the system of speakers. This means that the bass effect will be of great quality.

8.  Tube amplifiers are safe for speakers and better for the isolated outputs.

These amplifiers are not only protection for the users, but they are also better for the system of speakers. This is because of the following reasons.

  • Completely safe windings of the amplifiers.
  • Low wattage ratings of the amplifiers.
  • Wide array of loads that they can safely work with.

All of these features make them perfect for everyone because it also gets rid of the unwanted ground loops regardless of the way you connect the wiring of the amplifiers to the loads.

Final Thoughts:

Every technology has its benefits and drawbacks, with the tube amplifier, this means that you have to change the tubes every few years.

However, the solid-state amplifiers or the amplifiers with transistors never need a service but they are pretty expensive. But the main priority for people is that the sound of the older technology is far better than the newer technology.

Even if you compare both versions of amplifiers, you will notice a great difference. So, the ultimate selection will be on you whether you like the best sound of the older technology, or you want to get the latest thing.

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