Kristen Karma Pays Tribute To Dad With Heartwarming “Dear John”

Kristen Karma is a distinguished Canadian pop singer from Toronto who has won the hearts of many with her impressive vocal abilities and amazing songwriting. She has accomplished several astounding feats over the course of her stellar career and written a plethora of chart-topping singles. Known for her upbeat, high-spirited compositions, with Dear John Karma delivers an equally powerful offering but one that is more special as it is a dedication to her late dad.

With assistance from singer Marian Hanna and rapper Mr. ATP, Karma pours her soul out in Dear John and makes it known to her father just how deeply she loves him in perhaps one of her most sentimental and emotionally-charged creations ever since she started singing. She expertly addresses the love shared between her and her father from various perspectives that give the song thematic color and verve.

The song’s lyrics convey the struggle of a tender soul grappling with the loss of a loved one who meant so much to them. Karma smoothly alternates the melancholy of loss with moments of celebrating her father and expressing her wishes that her father is “up there watching over” her and that he is “really, really proud of me” for everything she has been able to accomplish and what she has made of herself. Karma completes her verses in a crescendo that perfectly conveys the intensity of her emotions.

The contributions of the guest artists help in completing the song and making it a well-rounded body of work. Mr. ATP’s rap verse is both intense and emotionally charged as he perpetuates the song’s theme. Marian Hanna provides backup vocals on the chorus, and her contribution adds a lot of flavor and emphasizes the emotive aspect of the chorus. The subdued percussions and the gentle strums of the acoustic guitar that make up the song’s instrumentals provide the foundation upon which the artists’ messages of love and sorrow are built upon. Dear John is a well-written, sentimental song that everyone who has experienced loss and the pure love of a parent can emotionally connect to. The song will definitely remain to be one of the most impactful songs in the Canadian songstress’s music catalog.

–Keith Dujour