Bill Abernathy’s “Crossing Willow Creek”: Pure Golden Nostalgia

Bill Abernathy’s latest album, ‘Crossing Willow Creek’ immediately transports you to better times the second you give it a spin. “No you can’t go back, you can’t turn back the clock”, he smoothly sings – which is ironic, because with this album, Abernathy takes listeners through a wave of pure, golden, nostalgia. Listening to this album elicits fragmented memories of hanging out with the family on a Sunday afternoon, or laying back while the smell of a barbeque lingers in the air. It’s the simple times. If emanating timelessness is what Abernathy was going for, then he’s struck platinum here because some of these deep cuts sound like vintage Phil Collins, Eric Clapton or even the great Elton John. In the best way possible, ‘Crossing Willow Creek’ crosses more than just a creek – it crosses through musical eras and genres. Tracks like ‘Changes’ hark back to the days of 90s pop-rock, while the aptly titled ‘Willow Creek’ could easily blend into the 70s country landscape. And yet, the whole record still sounds modern and cohesive enough to be popular in today’s industry. As he confidently instructs, “do it my way, dammit!” on ‘Whiskey Road’, Abernathy plays with a blend of rocking guitar riffs and crashing drum kits as he sings about his life’s decisions on his journey through the ‘whiskey road’. Whatever decisions he’s made in the past, he can hold his head high as ‘Crossing Willow Creek’ is a confident, self-assured effort that is sure to impress fans.  

-Fred E.