Chris Bender’s “Glad In It:” The Perfect Pick-Me-Up For 2020

Chris Bender’s new uplifting inspirational track, “Glad In It” is the perfect pick-me-up to get you through 2020. Even with trying times, tears and heartbreak seemingly raining over this year, Bender’s soulful, rousing song tells a moving message for listeners to be “Glad In It”. Fit for an epic coming-of-age movie of some sort, Chris Bender’s voice really shines in this. He possesses a soulful, melismatic voice, deeply capable of runs – layered with a positive, playful disposition that is perfect for this aspirational, gospel anthem. Lyrically, “Glad” urges us to stay grateful and positive, “even on a black day, even on a bad day”, he tells us to be “glad in it”, because the “Father needs you to keep holding on”. Fans of the soul and gospel genres will no doubt grow fond of this encouraging track. The ultimate highlight of the hand-raising, feet stomping “Glad In It” is the blockbuster final breakdown, where the keys, drums, beautiful choir and Bender’s anthemic adlibs all come together in perfect harmony to remind us that the “storm isn’t going to last forever”. And for that, we’re truly “Glad In It”. For a message that you and I, and everyone else absolutely needs to hear, listen to “Glad In It” by Chris Bender today.

Reviewed by Fred E.