308 Ghost Train’s Anthony Caruso Gives Back To Disadvantaged Community “1 Heart At A Time”

Anthony Caruso of the Cortez, FL-based band 308 Ghost Train started the 1 Heart at a Time Foundation to aid those with social, economic, mental, and physical challengesThe band has amassed over 30 million streams on Spotify and Soundcloud.

“They may give outsiders the impression of being tough-as-nails renegades, but many biker gangs are actually a lot more goodhearted and compassionate than people might initially assume.” – Donn Saylor

Dating back to Steppenwolf’s coining of the term “Heavy Metal Thunder,” hard rock music and Motorcycle Clubs have gone hand in hand. While their often rough exterior, or Hollywood portrayal can often take people aback, the truth is charities and socially-conscious causes are a central focus of Motorcycle Clubs.

Anthony “Train” Caruso is no exception. In addition to being a biker, Caruso fronts the Cortez, Florida-based rock band, 308 Ghost Train. The band is enjoying major success with a #1 iTunes Rock chart hit in South Africa, and more than 30 million streams on their Spotify and Soundcloud profiles. It is not lost on Caruso that he has been put in a position to give back to his community.

In May, Caruso founded the 1 Heart at a Time Foundation, with and for his girlfriend, Amanda, whose desire to help those in need inspired Caruso. The foundation partners with members of the community and organizations that serve the mentally, physically, socially and economically disadvantaged.

This year, Caruso says 1 Heart at a Time’s causes include the Veterans Suicide Prevention of Florida https://www.crisiscenter.com/florida-veterans-support-line-1-844-myflvet-expands-statewide/. Caruso also plans on giving away a truckload of turkeys to families in need, in the Ruskin and Palmetto, Florida communities.

Caruso says, “The week before Thanksgiving, on the Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, we will get referrals for families in need through The Defenders Blue Lightning Chapter Motorcycle Club. They are a Law Enforcement club I support. I will have email contacts in the upcoming months, and we will be giving them away in Palmetto and Ruskin FL.”

1 Heart at a Time is also sponsoring and organizing a Toys for Tots Motorcycle Run this December. “I’m shooting for the first week in December, once again through the Defenders Blue Lightning Chapter and Back The Blue clubs in St Pete Manatee and Hillsborough Counties, Florida,” says Caruso. “We expect more than 3,000 bikers!”

On the national front, 1 Heart at a Time is also working with Downed Bikers Association. The goal of this Non-Profit organization is to provide support for downed bikers. The mission of the association is to provide emotional and financial support through benefits and poker runs. https://downedbikersoklahomacitychapter.org/

For more information on 1 Heart at a Time, please visit https://www.facebook.com/pg/1Heartfoundation

ABOUT 308 GHOST TRAIN: 308 Ghost Train is an original rock act from Cortez, Florida with a sound based in the best of rock’s past and an uplifting and inspiring message for the people of today. They call it “Message Oriented Rock with a Classic Vibe”. 308 GHOST TRAIN makes music for music fans of all ages who’ve become disenfranchised with current trends and long for music with more alignment to the mainstream rock genre, music with substance and memorable style. The first EP, “Born InThe Wild”, started releasing singles on May 24th, 2019, featuring five songs. The new EP “Train Of Thought” will be releasing singles starting with “Bleed Over Me” which hit #1 on the iTunes Rock Songs chart in South Africa! http://www.308ghosttrain.com