Single Review: Jeremy Parsons “Tragedy”

‘Tragedy’, by Texan born Country / Roots artist Jeremy Parsons, is carved out with finesse from a place of authenticity. Featuring an contemporary production style which showcases polished musicianship and emotive songwriting, the single is poised for placement against the backdrop of cinematic visuals. It is worthy to note that Parson’s work has been placed in films before, with the music video for his single ‘Why is the Bluebird Blue’ featured in multiple film festivals. There is an earnest quality to Parson’s vocals, and the band compliments his singing style by maintaining subtlety and swing throughout. The inclusion of more exotic stringed instruments plays counter to the typical twang associated with the genre, conjuring an image of a lonesome trip through the Texan wetlands. ‘Ain’t that a tragedy, or is this reality? Is this the way it is?’. The lyrics are powerful, and support the sentiment of the song, which is half-way between waking and sleeping life. ‘Tragedy’ will pair with a glass of red wine at dusk, or a flagon of whisky down by the river. And, like Parsons, it only gets better with age.