Sky Titan Media Follows International Success With New Single Release From Strings Of Atlas

The Austin-based company’s founder, Atlas Cage is producer, writer, guitarist and vocalist for the indie rock outfit. “How Far We Come” is out Friday the 13th.

AUSTIN, TX, USA, March 12, 2020 — Friday the 13th is notoriously recognized as a day of “bad luck” and “strange happenings.” For Sky Titan Media founder, Atlas Cage, Friday, the 13th of March, 2020 is just the opposite! The Austin-based musician, producer, songwriter and frontman for Strings Of Atlas takes over the spotlight for the release of new single, “How Far We’ve Come.” It is the title track from Strings Of Atlas’ fifth album release, out on April 10th.

“Strings Of Atlas is a long time running rock and roll project,” explains Cage. “This particular EP, How Far We’ve Come is a look back on all of the things we have accomplished, both in life and in music, and acknowledging the work it took to get here. There is also a music video in the works, starring Texas theatrical actor Adam Rodriguez, that I am very excited about. We leaked a sneak peek at it in one of our vlogs (sky titan media on youtube) so definitely check that out if you can.”

Atlas Cage and Sky Titan Media recently celebrated the release of Chords Of Eve’s debut single, “Brightside.” The track reached #2 on the South African iTunes Pop charts, behind only Lady Gaga. COE will be releasing their 2nd single on March 27th.

ABOUT STRINGS OF ATLAS: Strings Of Atlas is an American music project, started in 2006 by Atlas Cage. Cage has been joined by musicians Ed Chavez (Bassplayer for Archetyped/Phoenix Recoil), Albert Diaz, Jake Stuble and more. The band defines their music as hard rock with a bit of psych punk rock and blues. Influences include Clutch, Monster Magnet, Audioslave and Royal Blood.

ABOUT SKY TITAN MEDIA: Founded in 2019, Sky Titan Media was established to do two things: provide founder Atlas Cage with a way to house all of his creative outlets under one roof and to create a place in which other artists/creators could meet and collaborate in music, film and other mediums of art. Sky Titan was created to act as an independent media incubator, active in the landscape of music, culture, film and technology. They cultivate creativity through experience and connection, both with other artists and the community who supports the art. Their current roster includes Strings Of Atlas (Urban Punk Rock), Sike O. Phenix (Beats/Hip Hop), Chords Of Eve (Pop/Electronic/Alt) and Mnemonic Frequency (Ambient/Binaural). For more information, please visit