Indie Incubator Sky Titan Media Announces First Quarter Releases, Hires Award-Winning PR Firm

The Austin, Texas-based indie media company founded by Atlas Cage has teamed with the award-winning PR firm for releases by Chords Of Eve and Strings Of Atlas.

Sky Titan Media and MTS Management Group are happy to announce they have teamed for the promotion of several first quarter releases. The Austin, Texas-based indie incubator label and media company, Sky Titan Media was founded by multi-instrumentalist and producer Atlas Cage. MTS Management Group is an award-winning PR firm and promotions company based in Pittsburgh, PA. Releases from Sky Titan Media artists Chords Of Eve and Strings Of Atlas are planned.

Chords Of Eve is an American music project, created in 2019 and consisting of multi-instrumentalist Atlas Cage, featuring various female vocalists and the debut of singer Casey Ardmore. The band defines their music as pop, electronica, alternative and trip hop, and have described their sound as “futuristic psych pop”. Their debut single is scheduled for February release, followed by an April 2020 EP release.

Strings Of Atlas is an American music project, started in 2006 by Atlas Cage. Cage has been joined by musicians Ed Chavez (Bassplayer for Archetyped/Phoenix Recoil), Albert Diaz, Jake Stuble and more. The band defines their music as hard rock with a bit of psych punk rock and blues. Influences include Clutch, Monster Magnet, Audioslave and Royal Blood.

Watch Strings Of Atlas’ video for “So Far From Home” at

“We’re extremely pumped to be working with Atlas and Sky Titan Media,” says Michael Stover, President of MTS. “This guy is the real deal…such a talented musician and producer, as well as being a completely driven label head. The sounds coming out of his artists are going to blow people’s minds!”

ABOUT SKY TITAN MEDIA: Founded in 2019, Sky Titan Media was established to do two things: provide founder Atlas Cage with a way to house all of his creative outlets under one roof and to create a place in which other artists/creators could meet and collaborate in music, film and other mediums of art. Sky Titan was created to act as an independent media incubator, active in the landscape of music, culture, film and technology. They cultivate creativity through experience and connection, both with other artists and the community who supports the art. Their current roster includes Strings Of Atlas (Urban Punk Rock), Sike O. Phenix (Beats/Hip Hop), Chords Of Eve (Pop/Electronic/Alt) and Mnemonic Frequency (Ambient/Binaural). For more information, please visit

ABOUT MTS MANAGEMENT GROUP: MTS was founded in 2010 by Award-winning songwriter, musician and producer, Michael Stover. A music industry veteran of over 30 years, Michael is a graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, with a degree specializing in the Music and Video business. Michael has used that education to gain a wealth of experience within the industry: from retail music manager and DJ, to two-time Billboard Magazine Contest winning songwriter, performer and chart-topping producer, and finally, award-winning artist manager, publicist, promoter and label president. In just 10 years, MTS Records has released more than 40 Top 40 New Music Weekly country chart singles, including THIRTEEN #1s and 8 Top 85 Music Row chart singles. MTS has also promoted 22 Top 25 itunes chart singles, including 11 Top 5s and a 6 #1s! For more information, visit