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Euro Indie Music Chart - Week 14 of 2021


1🇨🇦Zarbo - Correction In Direction (Electro Remix)15441.3
2🇨🇦Shimmer Johnson - Priceless12576
3🇺🇸Stephen Wrench – Sex Drugs and Rock n Roll12123.023
4🇺🇸Hazel McQuade - It Ain't Me12113.968
5🇨🇦Aaron Dean - Heaven Please Rewind11573.6
6🇺🇸Jenson David - Four Leaf Clover10944.612
7🇺🇸Intelligent Diva - Not Making Love10792
8🇮🇹Gabriele Saro and Roberto Fabbro – Roads Dangerous Running10546.2
9🇺🇸Kiron Rasheed feat. Leah Rich- Ask About Me10509.4
10🇺🇸Jarret Forrester - Tonight 10452.685
11🇺🇸Luckie Boy - Hourglass10415.9
12🇺🇸PRO & papichuloteej - Do It All Again10027
13🇮🇹Gabriele Saro & Roberto Fabbro – Bextasy8854
14🇮🇳Vineet – Jab The World8740
15🇺🇸Darrell Kelley - Baby Bae Baby7654.4
16🇺🇸Voyce Butler - Stay7351.9
17🇨🇦Fate Will Come - Charger 7242.24
18🇺🇸Intelligent Diva – Your Love is Dope7219.8
19🇺🇸Julian Brittano - P.U.L.L. UP6361.92
20🇺🇸Executive Order – Some Like It Hot6284.94
21🇺🇸Intelligent Diva – Work it out6188.4
22🇺🇸Combat Fusion Band - BLM To The Street6049.5
23🇺🇸Darrell Kelley - Why Lie On The Queen5961.6
24🇮🇹Gabriele Saro, Ivan Comar and Roberto Fabbro - Breathing5954.08
25🇺🇸Stephen Wrench – Life’s a sham5337.78
26🇺🇸Chris St. John - I'd Send You My Heart 5178.24
27🇺🇸Darrell Kelley – Black Lives Matter4464
28🇺🇸Darrell Kelley - Be Strong (dedicated to asian americans) 4324
29🇨🇦ZARBO - Get Up and Dance4154.8
30🇺🇸AV Super Sunshine – A Wedding Song2992
31🇺🇸Greye – I don’t Mind2992
32🇨🇦Shimmer Johnson – Masterpiece2850
33🇺🇸Rick Eberle – I’m on a high2820
34🇺🇸Steve Markoff & Patricia Lazzara – Havanna2775
35🇺🇸Stephen Wrench – Burning Bridges2561.14
36🇦🇺skinsNbones - Theres a Reason2527
37🇬🇧Des Cox - Are You Lonesome Tonight2402.4
38🇺🇸Darrell Kelley - I'm So High 2343.6
39🇺🇸Talon David – Not My Problem2317.56
40🇺🇸K-Roll feat Quesh,$DOE$,Nick Scott - EARTHQUAKE2312.5
40🇺🇸The Dream Logic – Cisco Kid2312.5
42🇺🇸House of Peace – Love is a flame2256
43🇺🇸Nya – Waiting1921.28
44🇺🇸The Caught - I'm Caught1780.07
45🇮🇹Frankie Brasko – Jody Tempesta1701.7
46🇺🇸Beauty in Chaos - Stranger ft. Kat Leon1673.52
47🇺🇸Ryan Allen Fluker – 100 Plains1637.6
48🇺🇸Ryan Allen Fluker – Crest Highway1628.7
49🇮🇹Sandro Gallina e Gabriele Saro – Ora sono con te1591
50🇮🇹Sandro Gallina e Gabriele Saro – Per non dimenticare1525.2
51🇺🇸Greye – So far so good1415.88
52🇮🇹Lord Spark – Baby1413.6
53🇨🇦The Couchmen – She's A One Off1344.95
54🇮🇹Anticorpi – Nuovo ordine mondiale1316
55🇺🇸Tommie Leveal – Let Me Do1313.5
56🇺🇸Ryan Allen Fluker – Draw1306.4
57🇺🇸Anthony Casuccio – Friends First1262.608
58🇮🇹Gabriele Saro e Ivan Comar – Written in Stars1214.4
59🇺🇸Kingsley Ray – Replay1190
60🇺🇸Randolph Bush – Drop it Low1164.8
61🇮🇹Gabriele Saro, Ivan Comar and Roberto Fabbro – Gangsta1153.2
62🇺🇸2 Doe McK – Hustle N Smoke1116
63🇺🇸Steve Markoff & Patricia Lazzara - You Raise Me Up1008
64🇺🇸Dawgone Davis – Clean slate ft. Chago Williams891.8
65🇮🇹Osea Codega – Icy Eyes873.6
66🇮🇹Il Profilo – La mia felpa843.696
67🇺🇸Madelyn Victoria - Good At Goodbye752
68🇺🇸Randy Seedorff - Family Tree744
69🇺🇸Miss Freddye - Wade In the Water725.4
70🇺🇸2 Doe McK – Gifted and Black706.8
71🇨🇦Ed Roman - Tomorrow Is Today699.2
72🇺🇸Jeremy Parsons - Something Other Than You Are691.6
73🇮🇳Avni Vir Vineet – Can i go now676.8
74🇫🇷Albert Ohayon - Les Rêves d'Enfant657.12
75🇮🇹Samuele Mazza – Babilonia574.08
76🇫🇷Wakhet XIII – Sunrise564
77🇨🇦Fadi Awad feat. Erisse - Heading Out To The Club558
78🇺🇸Larry Jay "Worldwide Party Day"532
79🇺🇸Pamela Hopkins and Matt Dame - Little Things529.2
80🇺🇸Doug Kistner "Since We Left Our Dreams"526.4
81🇺🇸John Vento "Last Sunset"523.6
82🇺🇸Zack Landry - Hold On520.8
83🇫🇮The Impersonators "Scarlet Hell"515.2
84🇺🇸HeIsTheArtist – Virgin504.18
85🇮🇹Ivan Comar, Gabriele Saro – Beautiful Stranger499.5
86🇺🇸Matt Westin - Thin Blue Line491.4
87🇮🇹Greater Than Eight - Strange Home486.4
88🇮🇹Marte – I’m ready473.6
89🇮🇹Josè Strata - Ora Sono Quì472.44
90🇮🇹Sonny Chamaquito - Morena Tropical466.2
91🇮🇹Emanuele Masini - Vivo465.46
92🇺🇸Gary Pratt - A Song You Can Drink a Beer To426.8
93🇺🇸Davy Williamson "Cliche"418
94🇫🇮Mauri Dark "Love Will Prevail"411.4
95🇬🇧FaB "Dancing Partner"404.8
96🇺🇸Richard Lynch - Rodeo Town404.8
97🇺🇸John McDonough - The Place Where I Belong402.544
98🇺🇸Little Wretches - All of My Friends391.6
99🇺🇸Acting Troupe - Roses & Gravestones372
100🇺🇸ENOCK Ft. 90 Degree Warriors – Come Together Instrumental372
101🇮🇳Vineet – Dreamin out Loud364.65
102🇺🇸Emcee Monte- I'm So Black 361
103🇲🇨Denora feat Scoop & Zentill0n – Hold me Kiss me351
104🇨🇦The Couchmen – Lazin328.482
105🇨🇦Fadi Awad feat. Dennis DeMille - Jingle Bell Rock (Original Mix)306
106🇮🇹Red Roll – Call me mad304
107🇩🇪Magnus Mason - Worth It302.68
108🇨🇦Kristen Karma - I've Got You302.4
109🇺🇸Phil MItchell Band – God Bless This Child300.8
110🇮🇹Gabriele Saro, Yves Agbessi, Francesco Siliotto – Like Paparazzi Flashes299.2
111🇮🇹Papillon Vintage Swing Band – Amore Abbreviato299.2
112🇺🇸Darrell Kelley - Vaccine 296
113🇺🇸John Vento - Highwire296
114🇮🇹Osea Codega – White Noise296
115🇮🇹Raffaella Linzi - Io so296
116🇨🇦Chatham Sound Club – Set me free294.4
117🇮🇹Daniela Mastrandrea – Numa291.2
118🇩🇪Loving The Sun - Blessings291.2
119🇺🇸Goldee Heart-Give Me A Minute291.048
121🇺🇸American Greed – Together285
120🇮🇳Vineet -Get Back On Track285
122🇺🇸Bela Ponyi – Free Fall280
123🇮🇹Fuoritempo - Non Aver Pietà277.5
124🇮🇹Marco Russo – Dio Musica276
125🇺🇸Jeremy Parsons - Things To Come275.8
126🇮🇹Donatello Ciullo – Un posto ci sarà270
127🇺🇸See Your Shadow - Today, I Do Became I Don't261.8
128🇺🇸Savannah - Terror In Disguise260.4
129🇺🇸Davy Williamson - Thin Disguise259
130🇺🇸Richard Lynch - Supernaw259
131🇺🇸The Deers Cry – Rise with the Dawn259
132🇨🇴Monsieur Job – Muero por ti252
133🇺🇸American Greed - Livin The Dream228
134🇺🇸Don Sprik & Freewheelin - Freewheelin203.5
135🇮🇹Gabriele Saro, Yves Agbessi, Francesco Siliotto – So Cold188
137🇮🇹Chiara Hudson – Autentica185
138🇺🇸Beau Bayou – Country boy lovin183
139🇺🇸Bela Ponyi – Free Fall183
140🇺🇸Craymo – Love You More162
141🇪🇸CCNLSN – Cambrils160
142🇺🇸Chelsey Green and The Green Project-Fly Me To The Moon (Feat. Sean Jones)156
143🇬🇧Des Cox - In My Day154.4
144🇺🇸Justin Murta X Ovylarock - Are You Ready ft Charlie Barrale153.6
145🇮🇳Vanlalchhanhima Ralte feat. NoahSoundz - Need Is Need153.6
146🇦🇺Andy Michaels Ft. Kerry Ironside - Angel152
147🇺🇸Gloria Loring - Days of our Lives Star152
148🇺🇸The Dream Logic - Biznasty152
149🇺🇸Brandyn Cross - “If Money Talks (It Ain’t Sayin’ Much to Me)”151.2
150🇮🇹Gabriele Saro – Is It Love151.2
151🇮🇹Haiducii – Respira (JxA & Luca Laruccia Remix)150.4
152🇺🇸Reepocussion – Twerk150.4
153🇮🇳Rohan Solomon - Victoria's Secret150.4
154🇺🇸Ted Cline - Got Lonely To Early This Morning150.4
155🇺🇸Luckie Boy - Cry Myself To Sleep149.408
156🇺🇸Manny Cabo – All night again148
157🇮🇹Anticorpi – Cortesemente (Mi diresti che m’ami?)147.2
158🇮🇹Lorenzo Gabanizza - All the words we never said147.2
159🇺🇸Livefromcedargrove - Off The Block146.4
160🇮🇹Osea Codega - Make me feel145.6
161🇮🇹Osea Codega - Flyin'144.8
162🇵🇰Izzie's Caravan - "On The Pull"144.36
163🇺🇸Lawrence Preston – Something for you115.392
164🇦🇺Fletcher Holloway – Lysergic114
165🇮🇹Gabriele Saro, Yves Agbessi, Francesco Siliotto – Lovin Clubbin114
166🇦🇺Fletcher Holloway – House on the hill113.4
167🇫🇷The Wolfman - Comminges Pyrénées Hospital Center113.4
168🇨🇭Donna Zed - High on Desire111.6
169🇩🇪Matulla feat. Susann Olmos - Lonesome Wolf111.6
170🇺🇸Everyday People - a Neo Sly Stone Experience -Hot Fun95
171🇨🇦Andy Camp – Facebook Lover93.45
172🇺🇸Anya Kay – Chains78.4
173🇮🇹Giampix – Nella nuda stanza78.02
174🇮🇹La Shanna – Di me77.6
176🇺🇸Destiny Malibu – Lo Siento76
177🇨🇦Fadi Awad ft. Nicole Carino - Into The Night75.2
178🇦🇺Kevin Riady – Home74.4
179🇮🇳Suraj Mani – Rinse & Repeat72.8
180🇺🇸Tom Mullen - Invisible Hand72.8
181🇺🇸Amir Beats - Got Em Throwin Dollars72
182🇺🇸Tanille – Not this time72
183🇺🇸DawgGoneDavis-Judge Not Rap Yes70
184🇮🇹Francy Stolfa – Chiediti il perché70
185🇮🇹Claudio Cirimele – Italia Mia69.6
186🇮🇹Franco Nocchi – La Forza della Pace64.8
187🇮🇹Faro X - Quel Maledetto Treno60.31
188🇮🇹Dario B-D Bruschi – Sbiadito dal tempo55.5
189🇨🇦David Raynolds – Ionize55.5
190🇺🇸Bill Abernathy - More Than Meets the Eye39.8
191🇮🇹Katya Chirico – Sei come me39.6
192🇺🇸Ashley Puckett - Live Like You Love39.2
193🇮🇹Sandro Gallina e Gabriele Saro – Une Lus39
194🇮🇹Luigi Bifone – Vattene Via38.64
195🇨🇭Donna Zed – Bold38
196🇺🇸Darrell Kelley - Police Brutality37.8
197🇺🇸Little Wretches "Ballad of Johnny Blowtorch"37.2
201🇮🇹17Stripes - Love Like A Python37
198🇺🇸2 Doe McK – All of Me37
199🇨🇭Donna Zed - Enough Years37
200🇮🇹The Funny Farm – Hotel Terzo Piano37
202🇺🇸HeIsTheArtist - Lovin' You36.984
203🇺🇸Billy Ray Rock "Get The Funk"36.8
204🇨🇭Donna Zed – Step Away36.8
205🇬🇧FaB - A Toy for Juliette36.8
206🇺🇸Larry Jay - Wow36.8
207🇮🇹Maurizio Luciano Tornare da te36
208🇮🇹Franco Nocchi – Il volo dell’Anima34.4
209🇨🇭Donna Zed – Morphine34
210🇮🇹Giampix - Retro30.618
211🇻🇬The Ringflowers – Mr. Hotel20.52
212🇲🇨Denora, Miguel Saez – New Life 202019.4
213🇮🇹Bluombre with Sarah D'Innocenti - New beginning19.2
214🇺🇸Andre Mayon – Love at First Sight19
215🇨🇦LILIAN AND MANON ("The Zlamal Sisters") - Thinking about you babe19
216🇸🇪Rebel Gel – Living the Dream19
217🇺🇸Stephanie Jea – Wherever you are19
218🇺🇸Stephanie Jeannot – Intoxicated by your love19
219🇮🇹Francesco Siliotto, Gabriele Saro – Scorekeeper18.9
220🇮🇹Ivan Comar, Gabriele Saro – I don’t mind18.7
221🇺🇸AV Super Sunshine - X File 867530918.6
222🇮🇹Ivan Comar & Gabriele Saro - Open Your Eyes18.6
223🇺🇸Mike Goodman – Crank it up18.6
224🇨🇭Donna Zed - Against the Rising Sun18.5
225🇺🇸Manny Cabo – The Last One18.5
226🇮🇹Niko – Riportatemi in vacanza18.5
227🇺🇸Psychopath Etiquette - When Anxieties Attack18.5
228🇵🇰Izzie's Caravan - Stick It To ya18.304
229🇺🇸Dawgone Davis – Checkered Future18.3
230🇺🇸Dawgone Davis – Here Comes Santa Dawg18
231🇨🇭Donna Zed - Surrounding Me18
232🇮🇹Filippo Lombardelli – Un cielo senza te18
234🇺🇸Jenn DeSantis - I Wanna Know18
235🇨🇦LILIAN AND MANON" ("The Zlamal Sisters") - Young for Christmas18
236🇮🇹Dario B-D Bruschi – Un’altra cosa17.4
237🇮🇹Giò – Questo Amore17.1
238🇮🇹Walter Piva - Cantando Sotto la doccia17
239🇮🇹Franco Nocchi – Altair16
240🇺🇸Jenson David Ft. Kelly Miller - Not Forgotten  5.55
241🇺🇸Steve Markoff & Patricia Lazzara - If I Could Reach Your Heart (A Covid Quarantine Collaboration)3.4
242🇺🇸Lecretia Ann – Does She Know2.304
243🇮🇹Dario Romeo – Benissimo Bellissimo1.84
244🇫🇮Mauri Dark - Poison Woman1.11
245🇮🇹Ekynoxx – Apple Man1.08
246🇵🇹Alex Van True - Replay 0.744
247🇮🇹Lo Martill – Pasion0.36
248🇺🇸Paperposh – Vouge0.36
249🇮🇳Vineet - Mask0.184
250🇰🇷Sung Eun Choi-Come0.17
251🇮🇹Franco Nocchi – Le carezze di una Madre0.165

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