Francesco Brini releases his second track: “Living Happily”

A new track by Francesco Brini titled “Living Happily” follows his debut track “Goodbye.”

Francesco Brini is a young man from Milan, a student of Engineering, and passionate about music. He is a refined singer-songwriter who delves deep and tells us fragments of his life through his lyrics. Simple yet intense melodies complement these narratives perfectly. This song is a prime example. The melody, embracing the lyrics, emphasizes the importance of never giving up, regardless of the challenges, pain, and difficulties that life may present.

The artist says, “Living Happily” is a track born during a tough period, distinguished by its positive and encouraging message. The song tackles profound themes related to resilience and inner strength in the face of life’s adversities. The lyrics reflect the desire to persevere, to confront storms with determination, and to never lose hope.

The strength of the track lies in its ability to connect with the listener through a universal message of hope and resilience. The artist’s words become an invitation to never lose one’s determination, to fight against difficulties, and to seek positivity even when everything seems chaotic.

This is Francesco Brini, and we are confident you will enjoy his music too. All that’s left is to trust him and follow him on his artistic journey. Available on all digital platforms and in our playlists.