MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW Feeling Good By Tony Mangra

Feeling Good by Tony Mangra is a delightful reggae track that emanates a rich
Caribbean flavour, embodying the artist’s roots and musical influences. Born in Guyana
and later migrating to the USA, Mangra’s musical journey is deeply ingrained in the
cultural tapestry of his upbringing.
The track opens with a sense of authenticity, reflecting Mangra’s mastery of the
guitar, which he learned at St Francis Xavier RC Church. His education in the Guyanese
countryside, immersed in a diverse array of musical genres such as Indian, rock steady,
calypso, and folk, manifests in the melodic and island-infused quality of Feeling Good.
The reggae taste of the song is unmistakable, recorded in Mililani, Hawaii, at
Neos Production. Mangra’s early influences, including legends like Bob Marley, The
Tradewinds, and The Mighty Sparrow, are discernible in the composition. The track
stands out for its originality, especially at the onset where the skilled lead singer
introduces the melody with finesse.
Having made a mark in the Independent Music Scene with previous hits like
Bamboo Fire and Shut Yo’ Mouth, Tony Mangra’s Feeling Good is no exception. The
chorus, with its memorable hooks, delivers an inspiring message enveloped in soothing
music. The vocals are expressive, the lyrics engaging, and the tunes likable, creating an
electrifying effect that resonates with positive vibes.
What sets this debut apart is the perfect blend of elements – an attractive voice,
sparkling melody, and a catchy groove. The song has an immediate impact, capturing
the listener’s attention from the very first note and embedding itself in the mind with
each subsequent play. The overall execution is masterful, making it an instant hit that
quickly grows on the audience.
The lyrics of Feeling Good echo the essence of reggae, with references to
Rastaman vibration and the natural beauty of the surroundings. The verses paint vivid
imagery of mornings filled with Jah sun rising, oceans rolling to the rhythm of the wind,
and tropical flowers blooming. The overall mood is soothing, relaxing, and mellow,
aligning with the title of the song.
As a listener, the experience is mildly pleasurable, marked by the refreshing
originality of the melody and the impeccable sound quality that distinguishes it from the
mainstream. The rhythm has the power to uplift and elevate one’s mood, making it a go-
to track for moments of joy or relaxation.
Overall, Feeling Good by Tony Mangra is a gem in the field of reggae and
Caribbean music. Its authenticity, coupled with Mangra’s musical prowess and diverse
influences, creates a unique auditory experience. This track is a proof of the artist’s
ability to blend tradition with innovation, delivering a invigorating sound that is both
timeless and contemporary. Whether you are a reggae enthusiast or someone seeking a

musical escape, Feeling Good is a must-listen that promises a journey into the heart of
Caribbean rhythms and positive perception.

Review made by Lucy Cicioni | Promoted by Musik & Film, MAF Music Promotion