MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW Sweetwater By Av Super Sunshine

AV Super Sunshine’s latest EP, Sweetwater, flawlessly navigates the areas of
rock and pop genres, establishing a profound reminder in our digitally perfected world.
The ensemble of talented musicians, wielding only bass, drums, and guitar, fascinates
audiences through the sheer brilliance of their songs. These three instruments emerge as
the lifeblood of this astonishing release, an indispensable trio in the top-notch
production that defines Sweetwater. Recorded and mixed ironically in America’s
heartland at Sweetwater studios in Fort Wayne, Indiana, the EP emits a Modern 70s Pop
Radio vibe, courtesy of AV’s original studio band.
This six-song collection not only shows musical prowess but also delivers
universal storylines and authentic emotional grit, satisfying the cravings of radio
audiences worldwide. The juxtaposition of the raw simplicity of bass, drums, and guitar
against the digital perfection of today’s music landscape forms the core strength of
Sweetwater, highlighting the enduring power of great songs and skilled musicians.
One standout track, Steel Bridge (Folk Rock Mix), serves as a proof of the EP’s
dynamism. With a loud and energetic disposition, the song projects positivity, infusing
life into its vibrant musical fabric. Bold and powerful vocals, a professional sound, and
a memorable chorus contribute to the track’s allure, while authentic lyrics, an attractive
gravelly voice, and a sparkling melody add layers of depth. The high-energy flows,
electrifying effects, and masterfully executed mid-tempo pace elevate the song to an
epic quality.
The collaborative efforts of talented multi-instrumentalists shine throughout the
EP, underscoring the culmination of artistic synergy in Sweetwater. As the music
unfolds, the listener is transported into a world brimming with energy, vibes, and flows.
The infectious positivity and uplifting nature of the tracks inspire and attract, making it
an engaging and uplifting musical experience.
Several elements leave a lasting impression, such as the compelling start of the
song with the guitar, the enchanting voice of the feminine choir, and the intricacies of
the melody. These details, coupled with AV Super Sunshine’s passionate and skilful
performance, contribute to the track’s undeniable musical prowess. It is a call to action
for any music enthusiast not to miss the chance to immerse themselves in this
extraordinary piece of art.
All in all, Sweetwater by AV Super Sunshine stands as evidence to the enduring
power of great songs and skilled musicians. With its vibrant energy, striking
instrumentation, and authentic emotional depth, the EP marks a high point in AV’s
career, urging listeners to embrace the opportunity to experience its musical brilliance.

Review made by Lucy Cicioni | Promoted by Musik & Film, MAF Music Promotion