MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW Lisboa By The Silva Lining Band

The Silva Lining Band’s enchanting single, Lisboa, takes the essence of a
bygone era while seamlessly intertwining with contemporary influences. Crafted by the
talented sibling duo, Catarina and Tiago, amidst Portugal’s economic struggles, the
song navigates the hardships with a focus on the resilience found in the bonds of friends
and family within the beloved city. Lisboa embarks on a sun-drenched journey through
the city’s streets and neighbourhoods, painting a vivid picture of its sights, sounds, and
diverse people.
Under the meticulous production of João Sanguinheira and Tiago Silva, the track
pulsates with an uplifting swing jazz rhythm that mirrors the vibrant spirit of Lisbon’s
residents, known as Alfacinhas. The inclusion of the Portuguese Guitar, skilfully played
by Luís Guerreiro, adds depth to the narrative, reflecting the collective anguish
experienced during challenging times. The song, featuring a line-up of over 10
musicians, emerges as a band favourite and serves as the namesake for their debut
Inspired by the timeless Django Reinhardt from the 1920s, the accompanying
video, directed by Pedro Salvado, pays homage to the roaring twenties with opulent
costumes, cigars, and champagne. The Silva Lining Band rejuvenates swing jazz with a
unique edge, transporting listeners to an era marked by Groucho Marx, Charlie Chaplin,
and Duke Ellington.
Silva Lining’s Lisboa, showed in their debut album, presents a musical feast as
diverse and rich as a cherished family recipe. A rarity in the music scene, the trio,
consisting of Nuno, Catarina, and Tiago from the Silva family, links Portuguese
heritage with English charm, resulting in an eclectic blend that traverses Fado, funk,
jazz, and rock genres.
The 12-track album, a collaborative effort with over 12 musicians, blossoms into
a manifestation of the transformative power of family and music. Lisboa opens with Let
Yourself Be Free, a jazz-infused composition emitting soulful notes, complex chords,
and an improvisational spirit. The resplendent arrangement, adorned with twangy
guitars and regal brass sections, sets the tone for an album filled with joyous melodies
destined for hip-swinging moments.
The layered instrumentation remains a consistent thread throughout Lisboa,
creating a musical tapestry that spans genres and emotions. The title track continues the
journey with a 50s swing feel, maintaining intricate sonic textures without
compromising the overall vibrancy. Whether it’s Catarina’s seductive vocals
reminiscent of Connie Francis or the rustic finger-picked licks, Silva Lining displays a
profound affinity for their craft, steeped in heritage and radiating familial warmth.
Lisboa is a magnetic release, boasting an attractive feminine voice, pure vocals,
catchy tunes, authentic lyrics, a bright sound, a memorable chorus, and an electrifying

mid-tempo pace. It stands out as a top-notch production, impeccably blending Jazz,
Swing, and Pop genres. The song is a refreshing departure, harmonious and inspiring,
executed flawlessly.
The unique melodies of the guitar and saxophone add a marvellous and
astonishing layer to the song, thanks to the superb instrumentalists. Lisboa beckons
music enthusiasts, offering an absorbing experience with its rhythms and melodies. It
serves as a splendid soundtrack, a thoroughly pleasurable journey, and a truly
spectacular experience from the very beginning — an instant hit and a standout track
that is undeniably memorable. Listening to Lisboa is not just an act; it’s an immersion
into a world of vibrant soundscapes and expressive storytelling, making it a highly
recommended musical masterpiece.

Review made by Lucy Cicioni