Ten Minutes Love by ViennaCC is a musical gem that seamlessly blends various
genres, showing the artist’s multifaceted talents. ViennaCC, once again, astounds us
with his remarkable abilities in crafting music that is both admirable and masterfully
executed. The song is an instant hit from the very beginning, standing out as a
formidable track that is skilfully produced with impeccable sound quality.
The fusion of Pop, Electronic, and Dance genres in Ten Minutes Love adds a
dynamic and eclectic touch to the composition. ViennaCC’s command over these
genres is evident in the rhythmic, upbeat nature of the track. The song’s infectious
sound, characterised by expressive vocals, relatable lyrics, and unusual rhythms, creates
an impressive and memorable musical experience.
ViennaCC’s prowess as a music producer shines through, utilising keyboards,
synthesisers, and the electric guitar to craft a well-rounded and electrifying sound. The
careful selection and orchestration of instruments contribute to the song’s epic quality,
delivering high-energy flows and mid-tempo rhythms that keep the listeners engaged
The song’s narrative, revolving around the modern complexities of online
dating, is both entertaining and stimulating. ViennaCC paints a vivid picture of the
protagonist’s journey through the digital landscape, from the excitement of signing up
for an online dating agency to the surprising twists and turns in the quest for love. The
lyrics cleverly address the impact of technology on matchmaking, humorously detailing
the monotonous process of filling out forms and answering questionnaires.
The bridge introduces an attracting twist as the computer makes a match,
presenting a virtual smorgasbord of potential partners. The song ingeniously comments
on the commodification of love in the digital age, where profiles are scrolled through
like items in a catalogue. The unexpected encounter in the third verse adds another layer
of intrigue, making the storyline both engaging and unpredictable.
The repeated refrains, emphasising the concept of love on a digital timer, create
an intriguing rhythm that mirrors the actions of swiping and scrolling on dating apps.
This rhythmic element, combined with the catchy tempo of 115 BPM, adds a unique
flavour to the song. It captures the essence of the modern challenges in forging
connections online, highlighting the optimism of finding love alongside the ephemeral
nature of digital interactions.
What sets Ten Minutes Love apart is not just its musical brilliance but also its
originality and liveliness. The recommendation to listen to the song is well-founded,
especially considering its standout qualities and the potentially hilarious nature of its
accompanying video. ViennaCC, as an indie hit maker and a creative force in music
production, video, and photography, brings a fresh and distinctive perspective to the
music scene.

Overall, Ten Minutes Love is a captivating and unforgettable piece that
transcends typical genre boundaries. ViennaCC’s ability to deliver a thought-provoking
narrative with an infectious and lively musical backdrop makes this song a true
masterpiece. It’s not merely a track to be heard; it’s an experience that invites listeners
to reflect on the complexities of modern romance while revealing in the artist’s
originality and creativity.

Review made by Lucy Cicioni | Promoted by Musik & Film, MAF Music Promotion