Lark, the stunning musician known for her hard work and stirring presence, has
once again enchanted audiences with her latest release, Good Good Energy, a vibrant
addition to the Indie Pop genre. The song radiates sheer musical quality, characterised
by high-energy flows and an electrifying effect that immediately grabs the listener’s
At its core, Good Good Energy is an upbeat and mid-tempo track with a
sparkling melody that stands out, thanks in part to the choir in the background. The
song boasts a professional sound, incorporating synthesisers and keyboards to create a
polished and dynamic sonic experience. Lark’s attractive voice, combined with heartfelt
lyrics and a deeper message, elevates the track into a standout single that goes beyond
the surface of typical pop offerings.
What sets this release apart is not only its musical prowess but also the artist’s
ability to convey a positive and restless performance. The track emits positive vibes and
delivers an energy that is infectious, aligning with its title perfectly. It’s a proof of
Lark’s skilful production, making the song musically engaging and staggeringly
Frankly flabbergasted by the overall quality of Lark’s release, I consider Good
Good Energy a top-notch production. Its immediate appeal and standout qualities make
it an instant hit from the very beginning, and I would highly recommend it to anyone
seeking a dazzling new pop track that not only sounds great but also lifts the spirits and
provides an energising experience.
This song marks Lark’s sixth release, showing her versatility within the organic
indie-pop realm. Infused with a killer groove, embellished with tasty breaks, and topped
with psychedelic pop sprinkles, Good Good Energy is an evidence to Lark’s ability to
craft music that transcends genre boundaries. Overflowing with optimism, the track’s
inspiring lyrics resonate globally, making it an absolute must-listen for music
Lark’s musical influences, rooted in the boldness of 1984 Madonna, the glamor
and attitude of KISS, and the infectious pop melodies of ABBA, provide a glimpse into
the rich tapestry that shapes her distinctive style. Her background in the live music
touring circuit has honed her craft on stages worldwide, leading to remarkable success
with two number one singles on the Euro Indie Music Chart and another on the World
Indie Music Charts.
Beyond her achievements as an artist, Lark takes on the role of a mentor through
her YouTube series, offering guidance and inspiration to emerging talents in the music
world. Her passion for nurturing the next generation of artists is evident as she shares
her knowledge and experiences, helping others find their voice and embrace their
unique sound.

All in all, Good Good Energy by Lark is not just a song; it’s an experience. With
its infectious positivity, skilful production, and standout qualities, it solidifies Lark’s
position as a fearless and dynamic music artist in the contemporary music landscape.
This release is a demonstration to her ability to create music that resonates deeply, both
sonically and emotionally.

Review made by Lucy Cicioni | Promoted by Musik & Film, MAF Music Promotion