New release from the duo Medi.Ar.Phi. This time it’s “Turbamenti.”

The prolific duo Medi.Ar.Phi, composed of @ilmiticopelle and Maurizio Villa, gifts us a new track, “Turbamenti,” which stands out for its originality and depth. Away from modern conventions and banality, this composition offers an inner journey through the complexities of life, filled with disturbances.

A Glimpse Beyond Modern Conventions

“Turbamenti” diverges from modern conventions, embracing an essential and meaningful approach. It’s a musical experience that challenges norms, inviting the listener to explore their own life, full of difficulties and moments of uncertainty.

The Recognizable Sound of Medi.Ar.Phi

The distinctive sound of Medi.Ar.Phi seems to come from another dimension, contributing to the listener’s inner journey. With an almost primordial quality, this track encourages “looking within” with closed eyes, opening the mind to new perspectives.

The Message of “Turbamenti”: A Torrent Towards the Essence of Life

The message behind “Turbamenti” is deep and poetic. Life is described as a turbulent river flowing towards the sea. Navigating it requires courage and resilience, overcoming obstacles that can be misleading or obstructive. The warrior heart guides towards new horizons, unraveling uncertainties and disturbances.

The Musical Structure: Sweetness and Intensity

The music of “Turbamenti” strikes a balance between sweetness and intensity, with the classical guitar at the center of attention and electric guitars accompanying it like faithful attendants in the side channels. The interlude with “concrete” sounds interrupts the flow of thoughts, immersing the listener in a unique sensory experience.

Available on all digital platforms and in our playlists. Article by Bluombre.

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