New extract for Andrea Di Giustino titled “I Know How to Move” Are you ready for an emotional journey through love? Andrea takes us on this captivating journey with his latest single “I Know How to Move,” extracted from the album “La RiNvoluzione.”

“I Know How to Move” is the third single taken from the album “La RiNvoluzione,” Andrea’s beautiful work with meaningful songs and a very professional touch. We can confidently say that it stands above the average of independent productions.

In a music landscape often dominated by stories of ended love, this song stands out for its fresh and positive approach. Written during the lockdown, Andrea captures the essence of love by making ordinary those gestures that would seem extraordinary in other circumstances.

Close your eyes and let yourself be carried away by Andrea’s words. His enveloping voice will lead you through every verse, immersing you completely in the atmosphere of “I Know How to Move.”

The song, created by Andrea Di Giustino with the masterful production of Annachiara Zincone, stands out as a gem above the average of independent productions. A perfect mix of engaging lyrics and high-quality production!

The video (the second video from this album), directed by Luisa Galdo and shot in the charming Hellinghton Club, features Edoardo Purgatori and Sofia Pellegrino as protagonists, adding an engaging visual layer to this musical experience.

In conclusion, “I Know How to Move” is more than a song; it is a complete experience that insinuates itself into the hearts of listeners. It confirms Andrea Di Giustino as an important voice in the current music scene. Don’t miss this positive anthem to love!

We recommend listening to it. Don’t miss out. Article by Bluombre

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