“Io Contro Me” by Alease: A 90s Journey into the Heart of Love

Alessandra Mele, better known as Alease, closes out 2023 with her new track “Io Contro Me,” a commercial dance anthem that recalls the mood of the 90s. The versatile artist not only wrote the lyrics and melody but also actively contributed to the arrangement phase and the selection of sounds.

The song, the second single following the previous “Futuro Io,” serves as a preview of the new album Alease is diligently and passionately working on. “Io Contro Me” stands out for its compelling rhythm and carefully orchestrated progression. The song seamlessly blends with the mood of the lyrics, creating an engaging experience for the listener.

Alease’s lyrics highlight the internal conflict often experienced in the realm of love. Her skillful writing alternates between phrases of eternal romance and those of an ice-cold woman, simulating a conversation between two parts of herself—different perspectives but rooted in the same lived experience. Love emerges as the central theme, and Alease adeptly analyzes the facets of this complex emotion.

The work perfectly suits Alessandra Mele’s volcanic personality, showcasing her constant activity and commitment in the world of music. “Io Contro Me” is further evidence of Alease’s versatility and artistic depth.

The video clip is available on the artist’s YouTube channel and can be found on all digital platforms and in our playlists.

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