MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW The Mutiny of Mrs. Claus By Mikey Scott

The Mutiny of Mrs. Claus by Mikey Scott, penned by the talented duo Diane
Robinson and Ron LeBlanc of Gem Fountain Music, is a delightful addition to the
holiday music scene. Scott’s performance stands out with powerful vocals, showing his
musical prowess and commitment to delivering top-notch production.
The song cleverly explores the perspective of an overworked and weary Mrs.
Claus, who decides to trade in her apron for a break in the Islands. Tired of the
traditional ‘Ho, Ho, Ho,’ she opts for a slower pace, setting the stage for a refreshing
take on the holiday season. The track emits a sense of peace with its mid-tempo pace,
complemented by an uplifting and inspiring message.
In terms of musical composition, The Mutiny of Mrs. Claus embraces the typical
Christmas sounds, incorporating keyboards, synthesisers, guitars, and percussion. The
lively and vibrant arrangement immediately captures the listener’s attention, making it
an instant hit with its sheer musical quality.
The song’s melody is stirring, and the lyrics are engaging, creating an overall
positive and memorable experience. Scott’s passionate delivery adds an extra layer of
depth, making it a truly spectacular musical journey. What sets this Christmas song
apart is its uniqueness, offering a different perspective that deviates from the traditional
holiday tunes.
The production of the song is dazzling, with a fantastic blend of various
Christmas sounds seamlessly synchronised. The combination of instruments creates a
sonic landscape that enhances the overall listening experience, contributing to the
song’s magnetic quality.
The Mutiny of Mrs. Claus is recommended for those seeking a holiday song that
goes beyond the usual clichés. Its catchy tunes have a pleasant and uplifting effect,
making it a magnetic and joyous addition to any festive playlist. Mikey Scott’s rendition
of this holiday gem is sure to bring a smile to your face, making it a must-listen during
the festive season.

Review made by Lucy Cicioni | Promoted by Musik & Film, MAF Music Promotion