MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW Headphones by Johnaé Elease

Headphones by Johnaé Elease is a soul-stirring journey through the artist’s
personal odyssey, seamlessly blending music, mental health advocacy, and self-love.
Elease’s dedication to healing and inspiring is evident from the first note, creating a
refreshing and heart-on-sleeve single that resonates with those who have faced mental
health battles.
The instrumental arrangement is a compelling fusion of guitars, percussion, and
emotive vocals, accompanied by pure and memorable tunes. The chorus stands out as
particularly noteworthy, contributing to a polished sound with an attractive voice,
conveying a deeper message through a unique melody with an epic quality. The
haunting quality of the tune adds to its emotional impact, making it a profoundly
moving experience.
Elease’s use of intricate strings and laidback rhythms sets an uplifting tone for
the track, providing a soothing atmosphere for listeners. Her soulful and joyful vocals
reflect the comfort she finds in music, creating a calming effect that aligns with the
overall theme of the song.
Headphones not only serves as a pleasurable musical experience but also as an
inspiring and therapeutic journey. Elease’s ability to produce soothing acoustic and pop
music creates a harmonious sound that invites relaxation. The healing and creative
process behind the song is evident, with the lyrics drawing from her personal
experiences and the production flowing effortlessly with a clear vision.
The song’s origins in a period of heightened social anxiety for Elease add a
relatable and human touch to the music. The artist’s candidness about her struggles and
the therapeutic nature of songwriting offer a compassionate and engaging perspective.
The track becomes a testament to the power of music to lift spirits during life’s toughest
moments, serving as an uplifting tonic for social anxiety.
Elease’s personal growth through the challenging experiences that inspired the
song becomes a poignant aspect of the narrative. The fact that she views those
experiences as instrumental in shaping her into a stronger, wiser, and more fearless
individual adds depth to the song’s meaning. Headphones becomes not just a musical
expression but a reference point for Elease, a reminder of how she conquered anxiety
and emerged stronger.
The songwriting process becomes a pivotal moment in Elease’s artistic journey,
prompting her to delve deep into the roots of her social anxiety. The introspective
exploration allowed her to release bottled-up emotions and resulted in a song that serves
as both a personal and universal anthem for overcoming struggles. Elease’s openness
about her own journey creates a connection with listeners, making Headphones not just
a song but a shared experience of resilience and self-discovery.

Elease’s musical influences, including her mother and legendary musicians like
Walter and Edwin Hawkins, provide a rich backdrop to her artistic development. The
inspiration drawn from these figures, coupled with her continuous efforts to create new
material, highlights her commitment to the craft and the ongoing evolution of her
musical identity.
In essence, Headphones by Johnaé Elease is a multi-dimensional work of art,
weaving together musical prowess, personal narrative, and a message of resilience. It
stands as a proof to the transformative power of music, offering solace, inspiration, and
a shared journey for those who have faced their own challenges.

Review made by Lucy Cicioni